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List of streets we manage

The list of streets is updated in light of new road adoptions. Whilst all effort is made to ensure the list is up to date it cannot be guaranteed. 

A copy is printed yearly, it is in the reception of County Hall and at the four District Council Offices.   

It does not provide detail on the length or extent of public highway. For details about the extent of the public highway, you may buy a search for £30 online 

For queries about the Section 36 Street List, please contact the Asset Team,

Tel: 01296 382416


We are responsible for:

  • A roads Primary, non-trunk roads, green backed road signs
  • A roads  Non-primary, white backed road signs
  • B roads Non-primary, white backed road signs
  • C roads Non-primary, white backed road signs
  • Un-classified roads Non-primary, white backed road signs
  • All ‘A’ roads in Buckinghamshire constitute the principal road network of the county Motorways, trunk roads. Some ‘A’ roads in Buckinghamshire also constitute the Strategic Highways Network (SHN)

Government/Highways Authority are responsible for:

  • Motorways (blue backed signs), which in Buckinghamshire includes the following:
  • M4 (between junctions 7 and 8/9)
  • M25 (between junctions 17 and 15/4B)
  • M40 (between Junctions 1 and 6 & 8 and 9)
  • Trunk roads (green backed signs) A404(T) 
  • A40(T) (from M40 J1 (Denham) – eastwards into London Borough of Hillingdon)





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