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Grass cutting

Highways grass cutting

The grass cutting operation starts in April. In some urban areas, responsibility has been passed to the Parish Council through devolved services. 

Grass cutting activities are split into two types:

Rural grass cutting – undertaken primarily to ensure that visibility requirements for road users are maintained. Our program for 2018 includes one 1.2 metre swathe cut adjacent to the road and 3x junction/ visibility splay cuts where additional visibility is required.

Four rural cuts will take place during the season as follows:

Cut 1 (Junction/vision splay) – 9th April to 18th May

Cut 2 (Junction/vision splay) – 21st May to 29th June

Cut 3 (1.2m swathe only) – 2nd July to 7th September

Cut 4 (Junction/vision splay) – 24th September to 2nd November

Urban or Amenity grass cutting – is undertaken to provide an appropriate level of amenity within defined urban areas.

Rotary blade/flail mowers are used for this work. Where we retain responsibility (i.e. grass cutting has not been devolved to local Parish), then we will self-deliver urban grass using our own labour force, giving a higher degree of control and flexibility to our programmes.

Cut grass is not routinely collected, but will be cleared from footpaths using hand blowers where possible.

Four urban cuts will take place during the season as follows:

Aylesbury area

Cut 1 – 3rd April to 25th May

Cut 2 – 28th May to 13th July

Cut 3 – 16th July to 31st August

Cut 4 – 3rd September to 19th October

Wycombe area

Cut 1 – 3rd April to 25th May

Cut 2 – 28th May to 20th July

Cut 3 – 23rd July to 7th September

Cut 4 – 10th September to 26th October

Amersham area

Cut 1 – 3rd April to 1st June

Cut 2 – 4th June to 3rd August

Cut 3 – 6th August to 5th October (provisional dates)

Cut 4 – 8th October to 7th December (provisional dates)

You can see details of when we will be carrying out urban grass cutting in your Parish here.  All planned dates are subject to delays caused by weather.

Devolvement to Parishes

Many of the parishes in Buckinghamshire have signed an agreement to take over responsibility for a number of County Council activities, including their own urban grass cutting.  TfB will retain responsibility for rural grass cutting within all parishes. TfB will also retain responsibility for cutting grass on central reservations. This will form part of our rural grass cutting programme. A full list of the parishes that have signed up, along with the duties they are undertaking can be downloaded.  Similarly a full list of Parish Councils within Buckinghamshire is also available.

Devolved tasks:

  • Grass Cutting
  • Siding out
  • Hedging
  • Sign maintenance
  • Rights of Way annual clearance

Additional information

Strimming around obstacles (e.g. sign poles, benches) will take place concurrent with the programmed grass cutting activities. However, there may often be a small delay of two or three days.

To report any problems with grass cutting please use our online reporting tool.

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