Local Land Charges and Highway Extents

8/24/2021 2:20:54 PM

Highway Extents and Con29 search enquiries

When buying or leasing a property, you must conduct Local Land Charge searches. These are completed by a legal representative of the purchaser. 

They submit forms:

  • LLC1 (Search of the Local Land Charges Register)
  • CON29 (Enquiries of Local Authority)

These are passed to the relevant Local Land Charges Area Office with the fee. They set out a list of enquiries agreed with the Law Society. On occasion, a CON29 can be submitted directly.

Apply for a CON29

We offer an enhanced search for information on a particular property or piece of land.

Please note that we do not give information relating to the adopted highway over the telephone or deal with highway issues.

On request we supply reports for Con29R and Con29O. This enquiry is part of buying or leasing a property and are carried out by a solicitor acting on behalf of a buyer.

(In line with the Law Society CON29 guidance notes, Buckinghamshire Council only answers question 2.1 with regards to roads named in boxes B and C or unnamed roads, footways and footpaths clearly marked on the plan).

Email: highwaysearches@buckinghamshire.gov.uk



Policy available on request from highwaysearches@buckinghamshire.gov.uk.

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