Claim for damage

1/7/2022 2:53:24 PM

You can claim for damage if the incident occurred in an area under the responsibility of the council.

You can make a claim if:

  • you've been injured because of a hazard on a road or pavement
  • your vehicle has been damaged
  • damage has occurred to your property

Your claim will only be successful if the council can be proven to be negligent.


What you'll need

To make a claim you will need to provide:

  • exact date and time
  • details of the incident (location, weather)
  • insurance policy details for your vehicle
  • photos of the cause of accident and damage (if safe to do so)
  • V5 document, if claiming for damage to a vehicle (PDF)
  • your National Insurance number
  • details of any treatment you had (if personal injury claim)

You may also need to provide, if relevant:

  • witness details
  • police incident reference number
  • vehicle details including mileage
  • invoices for repairs (PDF)
  • your MOT certificate

It takes approximately 20 minutes to complete the claim form.

If you are claiming for more than one incident, you will need to submit a separate claim form for each.

Make a claim

Where we are not responsible

There may be times where we are not responsible for the location/ defect that caused your incident.

In those instances, your claim will be sent to a Third Party.


Make an appeal

You can dispute the decision of your claim if you:

We will need you to provide evidence to substantiate your loss.

Your claim against us is a liability claim and as such we are not required to refund you on a new for old basis.

For example, claims which relate to tyre damage, we look at the age and mileage of your tyre deduct an amount for 'wear and tear'.

Please take this into consideration before deciding whether to appeal the decision.

You have a responsibility to ensure that all invoices relating to the claim are provided. We will not accept additional costs if we have not been notified:

  • at the point of claim
  • during the process

Please provide all information you feel is necessary.

It's recommended that you get any extra documents needed before any appeal is made. This is in respect of your own papers or those obtained via an FOI request.

In order for us to reconsider our decision, you will need to provide more evidence to support your claim.

Where to send your appeal

Please include all relevant documentation and send your appeal to:

Strategic Insurance and Claims
11th Floor, NCO
HP20 1UD

What happens after you've made an appeal

We will re-investigate your appeal as soon as we receive it. A response will be issued to you within 28 days.

If we cannot provide a full response, we will ensure that you are kept informed of the process.

We will only review your claim once at appeal. Any further requests will be refused.


Public liability highways claims data

Our claims team are required to publish data showing the number of highways property damage claims received, the number of those claims paid and the total value of those paid out each year. This data relates to all claims received with an incident date within each calendar year. This information is updated quarterly.

Year Total number of claims received Number of claims paid Total value of claims paid (£)
2018 1585 163 120,980.26
2019 845 49 68,037.52
2020 929 34 17,716.47
2021 852 61 25,966.40

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