Road signs policy

10/15/2019 3:36:42 PM

3. Temporary signs

Temporary signs provide information and directions, to local events but it is important to ensure they do not compromise safety.

We cannot give formal permission for signs to advertise an event. But anyone who wishes to put up a sign must contact us to explain the conditions under which a sign may be allowed.

The conditions relate to:

  • The size of a sign
  • Siting – to ensure safety
  • Insurance in case of accident
  • Design and appearance
  • Length of time the sign is in place
  • Arrangements for removal after the event

Signs may be requested for local events such as church or school fetes. Major events requiring AA or RAC signs will be subject to special permission, which will be familiar to these organisations.

Shop and estate agent signs are not allowed to be placed on the highway.


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Last updated: 15 October 2019

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