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Filming on the highways

Buckinghamshire is a film-friendly County and we welcome enquiries from the producers of non-news film, television and stills photography wishing to locate their project on highways in the county and aim to facilitate this process wherever possible.

Buckinghamshire County Council also has powers, granted by the Buckinghamshire County Council (Filming on Highways) Act 2014 to allow the council to close highways for the purpose of filming and to enable objects to be placed on the highway to be used for those purposes (where appropriate).

Whilst recognising the important role that filming plays in the UK economy both at a national and local level, we are committed to ensuring that the benefits of filming in the county are balanced at all times with the need to maintain safety at all times and minimise any potential disruption to the travelling public, residents and local businesses.

In order to maximise the benefit derived from filming in the county for its community, minimise the disbenefits and deliver a professional service to film-makers, we have developed a Code of Practice to enable all parties to understand what is required of them.

Throughout the Code of Practice guideline, the term filming on the highway applies to individuals or companies wishing to use highways, which includes footways, within our jurisdiction for the purpose of creating a non-news film, television or stills photography production.

Transport for Buckinghamshire must be informed in advance about any filming on the highway. This can be done by completing an application form, you will also be asked to provide a detailed risk assessment, method statements and a copy of your insurance policy.

Filming on public roads carries some risk, not least because other road users can be distracted by seeing lights and cameras on the roadside, or on a low loader. We would wish for filming not to be undertaken on the Strategic Road Network (A and B roads) especially in the peak period. Filming will be considered on all roads where it can be undertaken safely and the travelling public or residents will not be significantly disadvantaged.

Transport for Buckinghamshire will charge reasonable costs to cover costs incurred by them in considering the application.

The Health and Safety Executive has issued an information sheet with guidelines about filming on a public highway and these should also be referred to when planning filming activities.

For further information or to make an application, please contact


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