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Disabled parking bays

There are two types of disabled parking bays:

1. Formal bay with signs

  • Usually in town/village centres where waiting restrictions (yellow lines) exist.
  • A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is required to enable police enforcement. These bays are subject to the lengthy procedure associated with a TRO they are only considered when a review of waiting restrictions takes place in the area which takes at least 12 months to implement.

2. Advisory bay with road markings only

  • Applied in residential areas and although they cannot be enforced residents usually respect them
  • All bays are available for use by any disabled badge holder and are not specific to the resident.

To qualify for a bay

  • Applicant needs to be a disabled badge holder who cannot walk more than 20 metres without extreme difficulty
  • A bay will not normally be provided if the applicant does not drive, unless the carer also has mobility problems;
  • Written supporting evidence by a doctor will be required for the disabled badge holder (and carer where appropriate).
  • The applicant has no off-street parking available or the possibility of providing it
  • A valid disabled badge must be displayed while the vehicle is in the bay
  • Consultations will be undertaken with the police.

How to apply

Please download the application form, complete and return along with a colour copy of your badge.

An officer from Traffic Management will assess your request and then notify you of the outcome. If approved in principle, this will be confirmed by letter. Your GP must support the application (some doctors may charge for this)

If approved we will arrange for the marking to be laid free of charge when the contractor is next in the area.

If for any reason the bay is no longer necessary you should inform us so that removal can take place.

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