Long term highway improvements

Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) takes a balanced approach to highway maintenance, which includes long term plans and day to day work  

Road and footway resurfacing

This is the biggest part of our annual budget and is more than £16 million.  Every year road surfacing is planned by TfB, with local Members. 


The team inspect and maintain the 500+ structures across the county. They employ structures operatives and specialists, for the works requiring expertise such on listed structures. 


TfB’s drainage plan provides long term solutions. 

Street lights

We have 28,000 Street lights in Buckinghamshire, and 6,000+ road side illuminated signs and bollards, lighting in subways, and all cabling. Street lights requires more day to day maintenance, we plan to have all street lights across the County LED by 2020. 

Traffic signals

TfB maintain the traffic lights, Variable Message Signs (VMS), Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras (ANPR), and CCTV on the county’s roads. This allows us to react quickly and provide real time data to the emergency services. 

Road Safety

TfB is responsible for taking measures to reduce collisions on Buckinghamshire’s roads through road safety schemes. They analyse collision data, and prioritised by the number and severity of casualties. 


TfB manages enforcement of parking restrictions on Buckinghamshire’s roads, in partnership with NSL. Every year the county council invests in parking in key locations where turnover of spaces or enforcement is an issue. 

Other schemes

TfB also carries out local, smaller schemes on our roads and streets such as pedestrian crossings and cycle ways.  These are often funded by parishes and Local Area Forums (LAFs).

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Last updated: 3 February 2020

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