Events on the highway

As the Highway Authority, we take our duty to ensure the safety and mobility of all road users including pedestrians very seriously. All events on public roads need permission.


Register an event

You must register and get permission from us for any event on a road. Temporary Road Traffic Regulation Orders may be required to ensure the Event is managed safely or other Traffic Management arrangements are advised or directed by the Highway Authority. Costs for such arrangements will be borne by the Event Organiser.

To register an event, email

See more information about purchasing a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order.

Your application will not be processed should you fail to submit the required supporting documents. Failure to submit supporting information will cause delays and may affect your start date.


Events off the highway

Events off the highway which need a licence by the District Council and where they will generate a significant increase in traffic must be registered with us. Again, supplementary traffic management may be required.

Events off the highway which do not need a licence but will generate a significant increase in traffic should also be registered with us. 


Why events need to be registered

Every day there are a lot of activities on the road, from roadworks to maintain essential utilities (Gas, Water, Electric etc), to maintaining the road itself, and of course, carnivals, processions and street parties. In addition to all of this are broken down cars, road crashes and other incidents involving the Police and emergency services where the road is closed at short notice.

In order to help you have a successful event, and to enable your guests, visitors and participants to get to and from the event quickly and safely, we need to know about it. If we don't know, we cannot prevent other organisers causing delay by digging up, or closing the road.

Whilst we offer no guarantees that delays will not be experienced, we will have a better chance of co-ordinating activities and reducing conflicts to keep congestion to a minimum if you tell us about your event.

The type of event will also affect the type of license and Temporary Traffic Orders that may be required. We are responsible for introducing temporary traffic orders and road closures. The local District Council, is responsible for public entertainment licences, any planning permissions that may be required, and closures under the Town Police Clause Act.

Organisers will first need to identify who is responsible for the event. For local events this may be an individual and for major events there may be a need for a management structure for each element of the process. The primary 'duty of care' for public safety rests with the organiser(s) or the owners of the property or land.


Traffic management

Organisers must consider the traffic management and road safety implications of an event at an early stage by preparing a traffic management plan (It is also recommended that a traffic management plan is prepared for events which do not require a licence). If it is considered that the traffic management implications have not been addressed or the event poses potentially serious disruption and road safety concerns then it may be decided that the event cannot proceed. Clearly it is very important for the police and council to be involved at the earliest opportunity.

Wherever possible event organisers are expected to encourage the use of public transport, cycling and walking to their event.


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