Apply to put up hoardings

You need a hoarding licence if you are going to put up hoardings on the verge, footway, footpath, or road. A hoarding is a temporary fence enclosing a construction site.

You will need a copy of your insurance schedule which should include a minimum of £10 million public liability cover. Your application will not be processed should you fail to submit this.

 The cost of a hoarding licence is £220.

Apply for a licence


Renew a hoarding licence

The cost to renew a hoarding licence is £37.

Hoarding licences can only be renewed twice. After this you will need to apply for a new licence.

Renew a licence


Apply for a retrospective hoarding licence

The cost to apply for a retrospective licence is £440

Apply for a retrospective licence


What happens next

The licence will be valid for 28 calendar days. A licence can only be renewed twice, after which, a new initial licence must be applied for.

If you are unsure if the area you wish to erect hoardings is private or not, check the list of streets.


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