Apply for a vehicular access licence

If you want to drop the kerb outside your house, you'll need:

  • a vehicular access licence
  • an external contractor

Vehicle access licences are not a substitute for planning permission. 


Check if planning permission is needed

You may need planning permission before you can carry out any work. 

A licence cannot be granted without planning approval or permitted development.

Any access serving 3 or more houses will be covered by a Section 184 licence.


Apply for a licence 

A vehicular access licence costs £295.

Before you complete the online form, you need to have a:

  • location plan, to a scale of 1/200
  • drawing of the access, no wider than 4.6m
  • plan of any proposed alterations to the front boundary wall/fence/hedge
  • copy of the planning permission or letter confirms that planning permission is not required

Apply for a vehicular access licence

Applications will take approximately 4 weeks to complete (providing all documents are submitted) and licences are valid for 2 weeks.



External contractors

You must use a contractor who has:

  • Public Liability insurance cover of £5 million
  • New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 accreditation

If your access is going to cross or affect the flow of a watercourse you will require the consent of the authority. 


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