Apply for a vehicular access licence

9/10/2021 11:12:07 AM

If you want to drop the kerb outside your house, you'll need:

  • a vehicular access licence
  • an external contractor

Vehicle access licences are not a substitute for planning permission. 


Check if planning permission is needed

You may need planning permission before you can carry out any work. 

A licence cannot be granted without planning approval or permitted development.

Any access serving 3 or more houses will be covered by a Section 184 licence.


Apply for a licence 

A vehicular access licence costs £295.

Before you complete the online form, you must have the following:

  • Location Plan, to a scale of 1/200
  • Drawing with dimensions of the access, no wider than 4.6m, along with the dimensions of the front garden. If you are extending your current vehicle access, this must not exceed 4.6m total including the tapered kerbs
  • Plan of any proposed alterations to the front boundary wall/fence/hedge
  • Copy of the planning permission or letter confirming that planning permission is not required
  • Name and address of your chosen contractor
  • Front and back of the New Roads and Streetworks Act 1991 accreditation, operative and supervisor
  • Statutory undertaker plans from your contractor (STAT plans)
  • A copy of your contractors risk assessment and method statement (RAMS)
  • Certification/qualification of use of CAT & Gennie location device

Apply for a vehicular access licence

Applications will take approximately 4 weeks to complete (providing all documents are submitted) and licences are valid for 2 weeks.


External contractors

You must use a contractor who has:

  • Public Liability insurance cover of £5 million
  • New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 accreditation

If your access is going to cross or affect the flow of a watercourse you will require the consent of the authority. 

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