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Improvement schemes and projects

3. Beaconsfield Shared-use Cycleway, Grenfell Road to Ledborough Lane

Scheme Overview

Where: Beaconsfield - Proposed shared-use cycle link between Grenfell Road and Ledborough Lane. Works also Include an on-road section along St. Michaels Green and Caledon Road, to connect with the existing Beaconsfield Cycle Network.
When: Construction currently on hold (TBC)
Status: Statutory Consultation  Period for Cycletrack Conversion Order ended 22 June 2017
Autumn 2017 Consultation Assessment and Review underway Spring 2018 by Bucks CC
Summary: Extension to existing Beaconsfield Cycleway Network, connecting with existing shared-use cycleway at One Tree Lane/Caledon Road, new on-road route along Caledon Road, to St. Michaels Green, and Grenfell Road. An upgrade of the existing footpath will form the proposed off-highway link connecting between Grenfell Road and Ledborough Lane.
Developer:  Transport for Buckinghamshire
Contact: Bucks CC - Growth and Transport Strategy team

About the project

The project is to extend the existing Beaconsfield Cycle Network with the upgrade of the existing footpath to form a new section of off-road, shared use path for cyclists and pedestrians, between Grenfell Road and Ledborough Lane.

However the overall scheme proposals comprises of three parts, as follows;

i) Upgrade of existing footpath, to form new 2.5 metre width Shared-use cycleway footway facility between Grenfell Road and Ledborough Lane,

ii) On-Road cycle route connection to the existing cycleway network, along St. Michaels Green and Caledon Road, to One Tree Lane, denoted by new signs and white cycle symbol markings on the carriageway, but without intermittent white lane line markings, as this will be proposed as an informal cycle route.

iii) Installation of 4 new bike stands, alongside the town council green, adjacent to Waitrose, at Station Parade.

Funding for this project has been secured by Buckinghamshire CC from Sustrans, (the Sustainable Travel charity), and commissioned by Bucks CC Growth and Strategy Team, for Transport for Buckinghamshire to deliver.

The Beaconsfield Cycle Network has been keenly promoted by Beaconsfield Cycle Paths Action Group, (also providers of the cycle stands), and have been working with BCC to encourage use of the Cycleway Network with the local schools.

The Beaconsfield Cycleway Network aims to provide a safe cycle routes for leisure use, commuting and travelling to school, potentially benefitting a vast proportion of the local population. It is hoped that by encouraging more people to use the route, there will be a subsequent decrease in car use locally, causing positive benefits to congestion levels and the environment,


Informal Consultation completed, occurred February - March 2017.

Statutory Consultation completed, occurred from 25 May 2017  to  22  June 2017.

Construction implementation remains on hold,  tbc May 2018

Autumn 2017 Statutory consultation respondee comments review by Bucks CC. – Ongoing Spring 2018.

Please refer to the links for the details of the Consultation plan, and Consultation Letter

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Last updated: 20 February 2018

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