The role of Highways Development Management

2. Make an appeal

The County Council may recommend that local Planning Authorities refuse applications that are unacceptable on highway grounds. If the Planning Authority accepts this advice and refuse an application, the applicant can lodge a planning appeal against that decision.

Appeals take the form of Written Representations, Hearings and Public Inquiries. Recommendations for refusal may be supported at appeals by evidence, at the request of the local Planning Authority.

You can appeal a planning decision if either:

  • you disagree with it
  • the decision wasn’t made within 8 weeks (13 weeks for a major development, for example 10 or more dwellings or a building of more than 1,000 square metres)

You can also track cases and submit comments on current appeals using the Planning Inspectorate website.

Appeals can be submitted electronically to the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) at:


3. Recommendations

As a statutory consultee in the planning procedure, we have 21 days in which to respond to consultations from a highway perspective. Recommendations are usually in the form of:

  • No objection with conditions
  • No objection without conditions
  • Refusal

The standard conditions that Bucks County Council may recommend.

Recommendations made by the Highway Authority can be viewed using the Local Planning Authorities planning portal:

Aylesbury Vale District Council

Chiltern District Council

South Bucks District Council

Wycombe District Council

Buckinghamshire County Council

4. Developer Works

Highways DM co-ordinate schemes relating to new developments throughout the County. These range from small schemes (Section 184 Agreements) to larger, and more complex schemes (Section 278 and Section 38 Agreements). A public consultation will be launched for proposed alterations to the existing highway network, such as, traffic calming measures, waiting restrictions, parking restrictions and road closures.

All development related consultations will be published on the Have Your Say page of the Bucks County Council website. 



5. Frequently asked questions

How do I get pre-application advice on my planning proposal?

Pre-Application advice

What guidance and policies do I need to observe in terms of the highway impact of the development that I am proposing?

Planning Policies and Legislation

Does Buckinghamshire County Council have any residential estate road design guidance?  

Buckinghamshire follow the guidelines set out by the DfT Manual for Street guide

What are the parking standards for new developments in Buckinghamshire?

Bucks County Council produced the Buckinghamshire Countywide Parking Guidance, which became policy in September 2015. However, it is only currently used to determine parking provision for developments within the Wycombe District Council area.

When determining the parking provision for developments within the Aylesbury Vale, Chiltern or South Bucks areas, please see the guidance for each respective Local Planning Authority:


Aylesbury Vale District Council – Planning Policy:

Chiltern District Council – Planning Policy:

South Bucks District Council – Planning Policy:

Wycombe District Council – Planning Policy:


I live on a privately maintained road. How do I go about getting it adopted so that it is maintained by Bucks County Council?

My planning permission says that I have to obtain a Section 184 licence. What is this and how do I apply?

Section 184

My planning permission says that I have to enter into a Section 278 agreement with Bucks County Council. How do I apply and what information should I submit?

Section 278

I am constructing an estate road and wish to offer it as highway maintained at public expense. How do I apply to enter into a Section 38 agreement and what information should I submit?

Section 38 

I need to find out highway extents or whether or not specific land is maintained by the County Council. Who do I contact?

These records are held by Bucks County Council’s Local Land Charges Section. If you are seeking a CON29R or O search or highway extent information.

Con 29 and Highway Extent

Construction traffic associated with a development is tracking mud onto the road. How should I report this?

It is an offence under S151 of the Highways Act 1980 for vehicles leaving the development site to carry mud onto the public highway. Ultimately, enforcement of this lies with the police.

However, if you wish to bring it to the Highway Authority’s attention, please report it to Transport for Buckinghamshire:

Tell TfB

Construction traffic is blocking the road. What should I do?

Wilful obstruction on or of the highway is an offence under S137 of the Highways Act 1980, and is enforceable only by the police.