Standard details drawings

3/1/2022 2:40:53 PM

View our requirements to assist in designing and constructing works on public highways. These drawings can be used when submitting your section 184, 278 or 38 application forms.

Index page PGS-SD-000-001-DRGS-INDEX WA, PDF 140KB
PGS-SD-000-001-REV1 WA, PDF 3.71MB
PGS-SD-0300-001-REV1 WA, PDF 1.44MB
PGS-SD-0300-002-REV1 WA, PDF 1.60MB
PGS-SD-0300-003-REV1 WA, PDF 2.05MB
PGS-SD-0300-005-REV1 WA, PDF 2.37MB
PGS-SD-0300-006-REV1 WA, PDF 1.45MB
PGS-SD-0300-007-REV1 WA, PDF 2.11MB
PGS-SD-0300-008-REV1 WA, PDF 1.95MB
PGS-SD-0500-001A-REV1 WA, PDF 1.61MB
PGS-SD-0500-001-REV1 WA, PDF 2.23MB
PGS-SD-0500-002-REV1 WA, PDF 1.81MB
PGS-SD-0500-003-REV1 WA, PDF 1.82MB
PGS-SD-0500-004-REV1 WA, PDF 1.37MB
PGS-SD-0500-005-REV1 WA, PDF 1.79MB
PGS-SD-0500-006-REV1 WA, PDF 1.95MB
PGS-SD-0500-007-REV1 WA, PDF 1.39MB
PGS-SD-0500-008-REV1 WA, PDF 1.93MB
PGS-SD-0500-009-REV1 WA, PDF 2.09MB
PGS-SD-0500-010-REV1 WA, PDF 1.94MB
PGS-SD-0500-011-REV1 WA, PDF 1.50MB
PGS-SD-0500-012-REV1 WA, PDF 1.61MB
PGS-SD-0500-013-REV1 WA, PDF 1.84MB
PGS-SD-0500-014-REV1 WA, PDF 2.31MB
PGS-SD-0500-015-REV1 WA, PDF 1.70MB
PGS-SD-0500-016-REV1 WA, PDF 1.15MB
PGS-SD-0500-017-REV1 WA, PDF 1.52MB
PGS-SD-0500-018-REV1 WA, PDF 1.57MB
PGS-SD-0500-019-REV1 WA, PDF 1.60MB
PGS-SD-0500-020-REV1 WA, PDF 1.57MB
PGS-SD-0500-021-REV1 WA, PDF 1.60MB
PGS-SD-0500-022-REV1 WA, PDF 1.41MB
PGS-SD-0500-023-REV1 WA, PDF 1.20MB
PGS-SD-0500-024-REV1 WA, PDF 1.44MB
PGS-SD-0500-025-REV1 WA, PDF 2.01MB
PGS-SD-0500-026-REV1 WA, PDF 1.29MB
PGS-SD-0500-027-REV1 WA, PDF 1.29MB
PGS-SD-0500-028-REV1 WA, PDF 1.32MB
PGS-SD-700-001-REV1 WA, PDF 1.83MB
PGS-SD-700-002-REV1 WA, PDF 1.37MB
PGS-SD-700-003-REV1 WA, PDF 1.82MB
PGS-SD-700-004-REV1 WA, PDF 1.36MB
PGS-SD-700-005-REV1 WA, PDF 1.20MB
PGS-SD-700-006-REV1 WA, PDF 3.05MB
PGS-SD-700-007-REV1 WA, PDF 1.75MB
PGS-SD-700-008-REV1 WA, PDF 1.21MB
PGS-SD-700-009-REV1 WA, PDF 1.20MB
PGS-SD-700-010-REV1 WA, PDF 1.35MB
PGS-SD-1100-002-REV1 WA, PDF 1.25MB
PGS-SD-1100-003-REV1 WA, PDF 1.19MB
PGS-SD-1100-004-REV1 WA, PDF 1.07MB
PGS-SD-1100-005-REV1 WA, PDF 1.10MB
PGS-SD-1100-006-REV1 WA, PDF 1.25MB
PGS-SD-1100-007-REV1 WA, PDF 1.44MB
PGS-SD-1100-008-REV1 WA, PDF 1.88MB
PGS-SD-1100-009-REV1 WA, PDF 1.17MB
PGS-SD-1100-010-REV1 WA, PDF 1.26MB
PGS-SD-1100-012-REV1 WA, PDF 1.26MB
PGS-SD-1100-013-REV1 WA, PDF 1.30MB
PGS-SD-1100-016-REV1 WA, PDF 1.55MB
PGS-SD-1100-017-REV1 WA, PDF 1.43MB
PGS-SD-1100-018 WA, PDF 132KB
PGS-SD-1100-019-REV1 WA, PDF 2.25MB
PGS-SD-1100-020-REV1 WA, PDF 2.90MB
PGS-SD-1100-021-REV1 WA, PDF 2.53MB
PGS-SD-1100-022-REV1 WA, PDF 257KB
PGS-SD-1100-023-REV1 WA, PDF 219KB
PGS-SD-1100-024-REV1 WA, PDF 225KB
PGS-SD-1200-001-REV1 WA, PDF 1.93MB
PGS-SD-1200-002-REV1 WA, PDF 1.87MB
PGS-SD-1200-003-Table WA, PDF 184KB
PGS-SD-1200-004-REV1 WA, PDF 2.15MB
PGS-SD-1200-005-REV1 WA, PDF 2.17MB
PGS-SD-1200-006 WA, PDF 132KB
PGS-SD-1200-007 WA, PDF 130KB

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