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4/20/2022 2:46:33 PM

3. Section 278 Agreement

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A Section 278 Agreement (Highways Act 1980) requires a developer to enter into an agreement with the Highway Authority for alterations of the public highway relating to a new development.

Commencement on site will only be permitted when:

  • the agreement is signed
  • all technical details have been approved
  • all necessary fees have been paid 

For further information regarding Section 278 Agreements, email


Road Safety Audits

For the majority of schemes a Stage 1 and 2 Road Safety Audit is required. The cost of the audit must be fully borne by the developer. The council can provide this service via Transport for Buckinghamshire who are able to undertake Road Safety Audits.

For further information regarding Road Safety Audits, please email



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Last updated: 20 April 2022

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