Highway Asset Management

4/9/2020 3:14:16 PM

Buckinghamshire County Council's 3,200 kilometres of highway infrastructure is its most valuable asset, valued at £4.2billion. It provides a transportation network for both businesses and individuals. It supports many of the objectives set out in the County Council's Strategic Plan (2017-20):

  • Repair our highways (roads, footpaths, street lights, bridges and drainage)
  • Improved Road and Rail Connectivity
  • Protecting our High Quality Natural Environment
  • The Creation of More Jobs for Local People
  • Buckinghamshire Communities are Safe Places to Live

Maintaining our roads, footpaths, cyclepaths and other highways infrastructure (such as bridges and signs) is important to ensure they remain safe and accessible to users. Well maintained roads and footpaths deliver wide ranging benefits in supporting businesses, developing Buckinghamshire's economy, and enabling residents and visitors to enjoy its attractions and leisure facilities, including shopping.

The County Council has recently adopted an Asset Management Policy and Strategy.  These documents set out the common sense actions and activities which are already underway.  They endorse and outline the principles of what we are trying to achieve and how we intend to achieve it.  We take a rigorous, data driven approach to understanding the condition and needs of the highways network.  This will provide assurance to Members that programmes of work are selected and prioritised in a consistent manner based on sound information.  Work programmes are designed to contribute to achieving the objectives of the Council based on our condition information and an understanding of the needs of the Community. 


Our assets

Our assets include:

  • 3300km of carriageway
  • 2400km of footway
  • over 27,000 street lights
  • over 6000 illuminated signs and bollards
  • over 126 pedestrian crossings
  • over 600 bridges and structures
  • over 79,000 gullies

facts about highway assets



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