Developer schemes

1. Berryfields phase 1

Berryfields Major Development Area (MDA) is a area to the North West of Aylesbury. It includes 3,000 new homes, a district centre, schools and is situated off the A41. 

The work to develop the highway infrastructure for Berryfields is split into Phases. Phase 1 started on 5 July 2010 and Phase 2  on 10 January 2011.


As at 31st March 2015, there were

  • 1519 dwellings which had been started
  • 1183 dwellings completed
  • 1144 dwellings occupied

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2. Berryfields phase 2

Some work to improve the A41/Western Link Road junction has recently been carried out. An additional signal head has been put in place for westbound drivers. The footbridge at Stone Bridge has also recently been opened. 

The cycleway adjacent to Berryfields Lane has been implemented which will link to the Berryfields Academy.

The Berryfields Academy & Primary School have also commenced and a ground breaking ceremony took place on 18 May 2012. Both school's are expected to be open in September 2013.

Forthcoming works (plans are available by clicking on Berryfields at the top of this page)

A Westbound bus stop will be provided near to Stone Bridge and a Toucan Crossing will be installed to allow passengers to cross the A41 near to the bus stop. These are both expected to be installed by the end of 2012. 

The 1st section of the Western Link Road(from A41 to the 1st roundabout) is expected to be completed by the end of 2012/early 2013.

Phase 2 involved the following construction works:-

  • Earthworks, balancing pond and drainage for the site South East of A41 junction with Western Link Road (A41/WLR)
  • Foul sewer installation from initial housing Phase, along the line of the Northern Link Road, just East of Berryfields Lane, across A41 and terminating at the South East of the site. This also runs just West side of Berryfields Lane to serve the Northern area of the site.
  • A41/Western Link Rd/Southern Loop Rd traffic signal controlled junction including short section of Western Link Road
  • A41 widening and installation of bus lane and shared use footway/cycleway on Northern verge of A41 from A41/WLR junction to Stone Bridge
  • New footbridge at Stone Bridge
  • Potential improvements to Stone Bridge.
  • 200m of Southern Loop Road from A41/WLR junction
  • Off line lit footway/cycleway adjacent to realigned Berryfields Lane
  • Off line lit footway/cycleway adjacent to propose Eastern Loop Road
  • Section of Eastern Loop Road
  • Balancing pond and drainage to Northern parcels of development
  • Haul Road from existing layby on A41 to Northern parcels of development

The main works which affect the A41 will be the construction of the traffic signal controlled junction at the existing Berryfields Lane junction, the widening of the A41 from Berryfields Lane towards Aylesbury and the potential works to Stone Bridge. 

We are overseeing the works being undertaken and ensuring that the works undertaken safely, to minimise disruption to the travelling public and to comply with the various legal agreements which are in place between BCC and the developers.

Further infrastructure will be constructed in future phases including the 1st section of the Western Link Road, Completion of the Northern Loop Road, Northern Link Road and Southern Loop Road and information on the timing of these works will be updated on the website at the appropriate time.

3. Berryfields phase 3

Phase 3 will involve:

  • Completion of the Northern Loop Road
  • Completion of the Northern Link Road
  • Implementation of the first part of the Western Link Road up to the first roundabout(365m)
  • Implementation of the remainder of the Eastern Loop Road

Phase 3 will be on site from September 2012 - April 2013. The extent of the works is shown on the plan attached below.

Section 1 (Red) is expected to be completed by the end of 2012/early 2013. The section of Berryfields Lane currently under temporary traffic signal control should be open to 2 way traffic by the end of November 2012.

Section 3 (Blue) is expected to be completed in April 2013 but it is unlikely to be able to be used by the public due to construction of the development continuing adjacent to the new roads.

Section 2 (Green) timescales for this to be announced.

4. Aylesbury Value Academy

The move of Aylesbury Vale Academy (AVA) to the new site on Berryfields, the overall position is that there are travel available to staff and students of the relocated AVA.

The options are:


Orange Route 3 serves town centre, Elmhurst, Haydon Hill and Quarrendon to alight at Jackson Road and use the  footway along the A41. Blue Route 2 also serves this area.

Route 16 serves the A41 and bus stops have been put in near to Aylesbury vale Parkway and between the traffic signal junction and Stone Bridge services.

The exact details of the bus routing, pricing and bus stops are being worked on. But, it is expected that the service will be similar to the rainbow route services every  15/20 minutes.

Bus stops will be located on the loop roads near to the school, district centre etc


The school's draft travel plan shows routes for students to use from the existing site/home.


The path linking Fletcher Close to the school, including a bridge over the river, will be in place before or very shortly after AVA relocates.


Some pupils going to AVA also live in areas where the option to use the train from Aylesbury town station to Aylesbury Vale Parkway (AVP) exists. It is expected that from December 2012, Chiltern Railways will be running more trains to AVP than at present.

Train times can be found at: www.chilternrailways.co.uk

5. Western Link Road

The Western Link Road will relieve pressure from Aylesbury's radial routes, which is good news for residents getting around town. Whilst we're looking forward to bringing the road into use as soon as possible, safety is of paramount importance and we need to make sure it's safe to use. Working with the developers, who built the road and are currently responsible for it, we're awaiting the result of safety and structural checks.

6. Berryfields Lane

Highway rights will be removed from Parts of Berryfields Lane, under the legal agreements between BCC and the developers. It was always intended that this would happen to Berryfields Lane as some lengths of it will be built on or are needed to become part of the school site.

With the Eastern Loop Road and the first section of the Western Link Road, there is no need for road users to use the Berryfields Lane. Walking and cycle access will remain as well as access to the Aylesbury Vale Academy for vehicles but all vehicles now use the 1st length of the Western Link Road.


7. Hughenden Quarter

This scheme is split into two sections.


Scheme one - former Compair site


Scheme two - former De La Rue site



Wycombe District    Wycombe District


August 2014 (start date)    


Under design check    Under construction


The link road will have;

  • A two-way single road from Bellfield Road to Hughenden Avenue
  • A new signalised junction on Hughenden Avenue.

The link road will have;

  • a two-way single road from Hughenden Avenue to Coates Lane
  • A change of priority at the Coates Lane junction.


Wycombe District Council   Careys New Homes


01494 421281   Careys website

About the project

To aid the development, WDC are designing and building a new link road running through the site. It is designed to ease pressure on the local highway network, provide new bus stops and encourage walking and cycling.

Wycombe District Council is the developer for the site. However, BCC is responsible for Development Management and as such is an active party involved in these works.

Careys New Homes website for the De La Rue site


8. Pinewood Studios development

Scheme overview


South Bucks District


August - December 2015


Whole programme commenced - road works started


A new roundabout is being installed to manage any increase in traffic and a toucan crossing is being built to encourage Pinewood employees and third parties to walk from site to site.


Pinewood Studios/Robert McAlpine


07837 703 770

About the project

As part of the Pinewood Studios Development Framework, the local highway infrastructure will be undergoing some development. 

A new roundabout is being installed which will improve conditions for existing traffic, whilst at the same time manage any increase in car users visiting the new development. We are also installing a Toucan crossing which will facilitate crossing points for pedestrians from Pinewood west site to the new development on the east site, this will encourage Pinewood employees and third parties to walk from site to site and not to use their vehicles upon completion of the development.

For further information on the complete project, visitwww.pinewoodgroup.com/pinewoodexpansion/engaging-community

9. Princes Risborough town centre

Scheme overview

Where: Princes Risborough
When: Spring/Summer 2015
Status: Preliminary design
Summary: Road layout changes and new bus shelter
Developer: Princes Risborough Town Council
Contact: 01296 382416

About the project

Transport for Buckinghamshire working on behalf of Prince Risborough Town Council are proposing to implement the following works along the High Street and Dukes Street in Princes Risborough:

Removal of the existing contra-flow cycle lane along the High Street and Duke Street between the junctions of A4010 Bell Street/High Street and A4010 New Road/Duke Street. Relocation of the existing informal crossing point on Duke Street near the A4010 New Road roundabout to the area of build-out on Duke Street as shown on the layout drawings. Providing additional parking bays. Extending the existing bus cage and proving a new bus shelter outside George and Dragon. Making alterations to the junction of High Street/Bell Street and providing a kerbed block paved build-out.

Time lines

Formal consultation starts January 2015 for three weeks.

Implementation of the scheme on site: late spring 2015 for approximately six weeks.