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4. Aylesbury Value Academy

The move of Aylesbury Vale Academy (AVA) to the new site on Berryfields, the overall position is that there are travel available to staff and students of the relocated AVA.

The options are:


Orange Route 3 serves town centre, Elmhurst, Haydon Hill and Quarrendon to alight at Jackson Road and use the  footway along the A41. Blue Route 2 also serves this area.

Route 16 serves the A41 and bus stops have been put in near to Aylesbury vale Parkway and between the traffic signal junction and Stone Bridge services.

The exact details of the bus routing, pricing and bus stops are being worked on. But, it is expected that the service will be similar to the rainbow route services every  15/20 minutes.

Bus stops will be located on the loop roads near to the school, district centre etc


The school's draft travel plan shows routes for students to use from the existing site/home.


The path linking Fletcher Close to the school, including a bridge over the river, will be in place before or very shortly after AVA relocates.


Some pupils going to AVA also live in areas where the option to use the train from Aylesbury town station to Aylesbury Vale Parkway (AVP) exists. It is expected that from December 2012, Chiltern Railways will be running more trains to AVP than at present.

Train times can be found at:

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Last updated: 12 June 2019

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