Day to day highway maintenance

Details on Assets within Buckinghamshire

Includes long term and day-to-day work of the roads, bridges, subways, lights, and gullies on Buckinghamshire. 

The budget for the day-to-day work, is around £15m every year.

Planned inspections:

  • Roads and footways are inspected monthly, quarterly or annually based on the type of road. 
  • All Structures are inspected on a two yearly cycle
  • Street lights are inspected through the year using night scouts. 
  • Gullies are inspected every 12 months on A and B roads
  • Gullies on C and Unclassified roads every three years 

Assessing Risk:

All repairs are based on the risk:

  • The extent, depth, surface area 
  • The volume and speed of traffic 
  • The location such as junctions and bends
  • Forecast weather conditions

Repairing defects:

Not every defect on the highway requires immediate repair. All issues reported to us are reviewed within 10 days. 

  • We aim to make emergencies safe within 2 hours. 
  • Other priority repairs within two, five or 28 days
  • Non-urgent will be added to future planned works

Seasonal services:

Early April we carry out four grass cuts per year 


5 million square metres of urban grass

October until mid April daily monitoring begins. Our precautionary routes cover 1405km of the county's A and B roads.
We salt 44% of the total network

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