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Day to day highway maintenance

Highway maintenance includes long term improvements and day-to-day maintenance of the roads, bridges, subways, lights, and gullies on Buckinghamshire. We carry out planned inspections as well as reactive daily inspections.

The budget for the work arising from day-to-day work, averages around £15 million every financial year.

Planned inspections:

  • Roads and footways are inspected monthly, quarterly or annually based on the type of road. The most used and crucial roads are inspected most frequently.
  • All Structures are inspected on a two yearly cycle
  • Streetlights are inspected throughout the year using a night scout program. 
  • Gullies are inspected in every 12 months on A and B roads, and every three years on C and Unclassified roads

Assessing Risk:

All repairs are prioritised based on risk, rather than prescribed definitions. This means we are prioritising defects based on these factors:

  • The extent, depth, surface area or other degree of deficiency of the defect or obstruction
  • The volume and speed of traffic on the road
  • The level of use of the road
  • The location relative to highway features such as junctions and bends
  • The location relative to the positioning of users, especially vulnerable users (e.g. cyclists), such as in traffic lanes or wheel tracks
  • Interaction with other defects
  • Forecast weather conditions, for example the potential for freezing of surface water

Repairing defects:

While not every defect on the highway requires immediate or priority repair, all issues reported to us are reviewed within 10 days. 

  • We aim to make emergencies safe within 2 hours. If possible doing a full repair or plan the repair at a later date
  • Undertaking other priority repairs within two, five or 28 days depending on the assessed severity
  • Non-urgent defect repairs will be added to future planned maintenance works

Seasonal services:

Spring to Summer:

Early April we carry out four grass cuts per year during the growing season. 


Autumn to Winter: In October daily monitoring of road surface temperatures begins, until mid-April. Our precautionary routes cover 1405km of the county's A and B roads.

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Last updated: 5 November 2018

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