Cycle training

3/2/2020 11:26:37 AM

2. Cycle training at schools

Cycle training for children is delivered via Bucks schools.

Schools will need to bid for funding the term before the training course is due to take place.  

Schools should also consider:

  • training is subsidised, though there is an admin fee 
  • providers used must be from the our approved List
  • if they have been successful they will be told within 15 working days after the closing date
  • only in extreme circumstances funding for a term cannot be carried over to the following term


Summary of training

Bikeability Level 1 (Admin fee £5.00)

  • For children in Year 3 and Year 4 in groups up to 16. 
  • For children who are able to ride a bicycle (without stabilisers). 
  • Basic bike control skills in a traffic free area.

Bikeability Level 2 (Admin fee £10.00)

  • For children in Year 5 and Year 6. 
  • How to deal with traffic on short journeys. 
  • Off road and on road training included in the course

Bikeability Level 3 (Admin fee £10.00)

  • For children who are in Year 7 and above.
  • For children after Level 2 training.
  • Advanced on road, busier streets, queuing traffic and complex junctions.

Bikeability Balance (Admin fee £5.00)

  • For children in Reception and Y1.
  • School sessions to enable the children, to take part in Bikeability Level 1.
  • Using games and balance bikes to develop their bike handling and awareness skills.
  • Some children may be able to move to pedal cycling at the end of the course.

Learn to Ride (Admin fee £5.00)

  • Children who find it hard to cycle
  • School staff and families who are unable to cycle or have never learned.

Bikeability Transition (Admin fee £5.00)

  • Students moving from primary to secondary, giving route planning.
  • This should be delivered before students, make the move from primary to senior school.
  • Cycling their planned routes with an instructor.


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Last updated: 2 March 2020

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