Want your child to learn to ride

1. Want your child to learn to ride

Want your child to learn to ride, improve their skills or find out where they can get cycle training?

Cycle Training for Children

Cycle training can benefit all cyclists, whatever their age or current level.  Whether you are new to cycling, or experienced, there is always something to learn.

bikeabilityWe recommend Bikeability training which was launched in England in 2007 and is the government approved and nationally recognised award for cycle training overseen by the Department for Transport. It is underpinned by the National Standards which were developed by leading experts in the fields of both cycling and road safety and  launched in 2005 and is both a quality control procedure for training schemes and the consumer facing brand for delivery of the standards. 

Bikeability is cycling proficiency for the 21st century, designed to give the skills and confidence needed to cycle safely on today's busy roads.

Cycle Training in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire County Council has been awarded funding by the Department for Transport for the period 2017 – 2020 for Bikeability core cycle training (Levels 1, 2 and 3) and also a number of new Bikeability Plus modules.  The Bikeability core training modules and some of the Bikeability Plus modules will be delivered via schools.  Schools will need to bid for this provision for information can be found under the section ‘Cycle training for Schools’.

For more information please contact us at: cycling@buckscc.gov.uk

2. Cycle training at schools

Cycle training for children is delivered via Buckinghamshire schools.

Schools need to bid for funding the term their training course is due to take place – e.g. apply for funding in the Summer term for a training course being held in the Autumn term.

  • All training is subsidised – however an administration fee needs to be paid as listed below
  • Schools must use an approved Provider from the Bucks County Council Approved List
  • Training can be booked on-line, link will be available the week commencing 21st June. The booking window will close at 2 p.m. on the 11th June 2018
  • Schools will be notified if their application has been successful within 15 working days after the closing date
  • With the exception of extreme circumstances allocated funding for a term cannot be carried over to the following term
  • Only applications received for the 2018 Autumn term will be processed

Summary of Training

Training type

Summary of training focus


Administration Fee


Level 1

  • For children in Year 3 and Year 4 in groups up to 16. 
  • For children who are able to ride a bicycle (without stabilisers). 
  • Teaches basic bike control skills in a traffic free environment, building their confidence ahead of the on-road training.





Level 2

  • For children in Year 5 and Year 6. 
  • Teaches children how to deal with traffic on short journeys. 
  • Off road and on road training included in the course.




Level 3

  • For children who are in Year 7 and above.
  • This is not for all children, only for those that are competent out of Level 2 training.
  • Advanced on road cycling, busier streets, queuing traffic and complex junctions.





  • For children in Reception and Y1.
  • A series of school based sessions that aim to prepare children with the skills that they will need in order to take part in Bikeability Level 1.
  • Using games and balance bikes to develop their bike handling and awareness skills.
  • Some children may be able to progress to pedal cycling at the end of the course.




Learn to Ride

  • Children, school staff and families who are unable to cycle – in particular children who, for whatever reason, are struggling to master the skill or adults who have never learnt to cycle.






  • Provides students moving from primary to secondary school with route planning skills and opportunity to then cycle the planed route to their new school.
  • This module should be delivered shortly before students are about to make the transition from primary to senior school.
  • Cycling their planned routes with an instructor.





3. Future Cycle Opportunities for Residents of Buckinghamshire

  • These opportunities will be subsidised as part of a government Bikeability Plus Scheme
  • All  participants will need to pay an administration fee
  • Training must be delivered by Provider from the Bucks County Council Approved List
  • Further information will be provided in due course


Summary of module training available to residents


Training type


Summary of training focus


Administration Cost


  • An initiative to recycle old bikes and redistribute them to those in the community who do not have the resource to buy their own. 
  • By providing families with better access to bikes for children, more will be able to take part in the core Bikeability training and make cycling a part of their life.





  • A series of led rides along pre-determined, low traffic/traffic free routes, designed to boost confidence for a variety of audiences. 
  • Participants can be new to cycling, or returning to cycling. 
  • The rides should aim to encourage regular cycling and are an opportunity to put into practice the skills learned in core Bikeability.
  • The rides will be relatively short and focus of leisurely/pleasant/practical routes. 
  • They are not designed for sports riding or training experience riders.



4. Official Bucks County Council Cycle Providers

All Providers appearing on the Approved List have met the specified criteria requested by Bucks County Council.

This included:

  • Being an accredited Bikeability Instructor
  • Trained to National Standards
  • Be fully insured to a level that meets the County’s requirement
  • Hold a valid Enhanced DBS check
  • Ensure anyone working on their behalf meets the same standards requested by the Council
Provider Contact details
  Email Phone no. Website
Be-Spoke cycling Instruction spokesci@gmail.com  07999 210032 www.spokesci.com
Cycle  Confident buckscc@cycleconfident.com 01296 321877 www.cycleconfident.com
Cycle Wise darryl@cycle-wise.co.uk 07976 718007 www.cycle-wise.co.uk
Cycle4Life info@cycle4life.org 07739 834385 http://cycle4life.org
Haddenham Cycle Training info@haddenhamcycletraining.org.uk 07907 794633 www.haddenhamcycletraining.org.uk
Outspoken Training team@outspokentraining.co.uk 07910 114254 www.outspokentraining.co.uk/buckinghamshire-bikeability-cycle-training
PysComm – Simon Cooper psycholist@ymail.com 07595 733413  

List of Cycle Providers showing areas covered and training offered

Providers work in certain areas known as LAF areas and will deliver elements of the offer according to their contract with Bucks County Council.  Therefore schools are permitted to work with more than one Provider provided they are committed to work in your area.  

  Cycle Confident  Cycle Wise  Cycle4Life Haddenham Cycle  Outspoken Training  PsyComm Spokes Cycling 
Amersham * *  * *     *
Beaconsfield * * * *     *
Beeches * * *       *
Buckingham *   * * *   *
Chepping Valley *   *       *
Chesham & Chiltern *  * *       *
Gerrards X * * *       *
Great Brickhill, Wing & Ivinghoe *   * * * * *
Greater Aylesbury *   * * * * *
Haddenham & Long Crendon  *   * * *   *
High Wycombe *   *       *
North West Chilterns *   * *     *
South West Chilterns & Marlow *           *
The Chalfonts * *  *       *
The Missendens *   * *     *
Waddesdon *   * * *   *
Wendover *   *   * * *
Wexham & Ivers *  * *       *
Winslow & District  *   * * * *  


  Cycle Confident Cycle Wise Cycle4Life Haddenham Cycle Outspoken Training PsyComm Spokes Cycling
Level 1 * * * * * * *
Level 2 * * * * * * *
Level 3 * * * * * * *
Balance *   * * *   *
Transition * * * *     *
Learn to Ride * * * *   *
Bikeability Ride * * * *     *