Client transport contract renewals

We are changing the way we deliver home to school transport in 2019. An important part of this change is that we are renewing the transport contracts with the suppliers who provide the transport services.


Why these changes need to happen

Under EU legislation councils must regularly renew the contracts that allow suppliers to provide services to the public. The contracts for school bus and coach transport were last renewed in 2014 and so need to be renewed in 2019.


When the changes will happen

We will renew mainstream school bus and coach transport contracts in November 2019. We will renew mainstream taxi and minibus, SEN and social care transport contracts in January 2020.


How the changes are being implemented

The council has set up a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). This is a web-based platform where we can advertise transport routes and transport suppliers can submit their best price. We will award the contract to the supplier with the best mix of price and quality.

This system has a new set of terms and conditions which helps us make sure that our suppliers are providing the safest and most efficient service possible. We have increased standards on child and vulnerable adult safeguarding and have put in measures to allow us to take effective action against persistent poor performance.

Once a supplier has been awarded a contract, we assign all the passengers on the old route onto the new route. Passengers with SEN will be greeted by their new drivers and passenger assistants, and transport will start under the new contract with as little disruption as possible.


Impact for parents or carers

As a parent or carer of someone using transport services, you will receive a letter from us to let you know that the transport contract has changed suppliers. Shortly after this you will receive a new bus pass for school buses, or a taxi company will contact you to arrange a new pick-up time. Transport will then continue as before.


Timeline for transport contract renewals

Contracts are being advertised on the DPS from now until December. New bus and coach contracts are due to start from Monday 4 November. New taxi, minibus and specialist medical contracts are due to start from Monday 6 January 2020 . If your transport will be changing you will receive a letter to let you know of changes in advance. If you have any questions on the contract renewal process please get in touch using our contact us form.


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