Child protection advice for people who transport children

4/27/2022 3:46:07 PM

All children have the right to grow up safe from harm.

If you are worried about the safety of any child or young person, you must report this to the appropriate Transport Team Leader.

If you are concerned that a child or young person is in immediate danger you must report this yourself to Social Care (First Response Team) or the Police if appropriate.

You can contact the Social Care (First Response Team) by calling 01296 383 962.


Getting to know the children you transport

As you are regularly in contact with children through your work you may get to know the children and they may talk to you and treat your as their friend.

To protect yourself and the children you should:

  • remember that you are in a position of trust and you have a duty to always act in an appropriate manner towards children
  • avoid being over friendly
  • tell your supervisor if a child tries to talk to you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable
  • not try to find out personal information about a child or share details of your own personal life
  • avoid all physical contact wherever possible and tell the child what you are going to do prior to making any adjustments to their seatbelt
  • never exchange phone numbers or email addresses with children that you transport. You should not be ‘friends’ with them on social networking sites such as Facebook
  • never photograph a child, including with your mobile phone
  • discuss any exchange of gifts with your manager
  • avoid looking at anything on a child’s phone or tablet, even if they attempt to show you an image or message. Immediately report the incident to your manager


Passing on information if a child talks to you about a problem

Children and young people will sometimes tell an adult if they are being harmed.

For example, they might tell you:

  • that their mum had hit them repeatedly or that they are very frightened of their grandad when he is drunk
  • that they are being bullied at school (or you may observe this happening on the journey)
  • that an adult in their school is treating them badly

If you think a child is being harmed, do not keep it a secret, even if the child asks you to. You have a duty to pass on the information and help to protect the child in the future. You won’t get into trouble for doing this.

You must either:

  • tell the Team Leader for Transport yourself by calling 01296 531265
  • ask your manager to contact the Team Leader for Transport on your behalf

You should also write down the things that are worrying you, including the child’s name (if you know it) or as good a description as you can give of the child. If a child has told you that they are being harmed, write down exactly what they have said. Write your name and the date at the bottom. Give this to the Team Leader for Transport or ask your manager to do this for you.

If you feel that a child is in immediate danger you must contact your manager or the police immediately.


Contact details


Transport Team

  • Transport Manager: 01296 531 265
  • Compliance Manager: 01296 382 844
  • Safeguarding Manager: 01296 382 450

Social Care Team

  • First Response Team: 01296 383 962
  • Out of Hours (Emergency Duty Team): 0800 999 7677
  • NSPCC Helpline: 0800 800 5000


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