Easy guide to catching a bus in Buckinghamshire

1. Find where the bus goes and when

If you know the bus service number you need you can search for the timetable on the bus timetables page If you don't know which route number you need, please use the Traveline journey planner.

Our Service disruption page will tell you if there's anything unusual going on, such as temporary diversions or bus stop closures. 

There are also timetables at most of our bus stops - or you can call Traveline on 0871 200 22 33 (calls cost 12p per minute plus your phone company's access charge) 

2. At the bus stop

Plan to be at the bus stop a few minutes before the bus is due to arrive. As the bus approaches, look for the route number and destination on the front. If it’s the route you require then clearly put out your hand so the driver knows you wish it to stop.

At bus stations you’ll find electronic displays that will countdown the minutes to your departure time and show you the correct departure point. You can access this live information for other stops on your phone at nextbuses.mobi

3. Board the bus

Tell the driver where you want to go - if you're not sure which stop you want, ask the driver.

4. Tickets

Most bus companies in Buckinghamshire sell child and adult tickets valid for a single or return trip and multi-use tickets valid for a day, week, 4 weeks or a month. If travelling frequently the multi-use tickets usually work out cheaper per trip than buying a single ticket.

Ask the driver about the best ticket for your journey. If you need to change buses to complete your journey ask for a ticket which will cover the whole journey (please note this may not be possible if the services are operated by different companies).

On most buses you’ll need to pay with cash; please be aware that the driver may not always have change, particularly for high value notes. The driver will then give you a ticket, which you should keep until you have completed your journey. Don’t forget, if you buy a return or a day ticket, make sure you keep it until you have completed all your journeys.

Or you can purchase some tickets in advance from your bus company’s website. To find out which company operates your bus route please check the timetable.

5. Bus Passes

If you have a Bus Pass, tell the driver where you want to go and place your card on the ticket machine card reader, this will ‘beep’ to show your pass is accepted. You can use ANY valid English National Travel Scheme pass at all times during the weekend and on Bank Holidays and from 09:30 on Monday to Friday. Holders of Buckinghamshire County Council passes can board from 09:00 in Buckinghamshire.To find out if you are valid for an Older Person or Disabled Person pass please see the relevant pages on this website.

6. Find a seat and relax

There will be no parking worries and you can use your phone, read or listen to music safely too. When listening to music, please be aware of the comfort of all passengers. You can sit wherever you want once on-board, but please give priority to those with reduced mobility, disabilities, the elderly, pregnant, or people with pushchairs.

7. When you want to get off, press the bell

When you want the bus to stop, press the bell once in good time - bell pushes are fixed to vertical handrails throughout the bus. Remember to press the bell before arriving at the bus stop so the driver has time to stop. The ‘bus stopping’ sign will light up - please stay seated until the bus comes to a complete stop then make sure you take all your belongings when you leave.

8. Travelling home

Most bus stops are lined up on opposite sides of the road, but in some places there may be a one-way system. If you're travelling for the first time, check the timetable to see where the buses pick up on the way back - or just ask the driver.


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