Council-Supported Rural Bus Review

11/11/2019 2:35:52 PM

Many of the bus routes serving rural areas of Buckinghamshire need ongoing financial support from the County Council to operate. We want as many people as possible in our villages to have access to public transport, so you can get out and about and do what’s important to you, such as go to the doctors, the shops or visit friends and family.  We need to plan carefully to make sure we use this money as effectively as possible.

It’s now five years since we looked in detail at our council supported bus routes and how they are used. Between then and now a lot has changed and the survey analysis helps us understand how current bus services are being used. We’ll use this information to review how future services can better meet people’s travel patterns, and this may include revising existing routes and timetables or looking at alternatives such as community transport and other flexible transport services

Please note the rural bus survey received 2048 responses and the data is currently being analysed. Any proposed bus service changes will be consulted on later this year and information will appear on this page.

Many thanks for helping us to shape the future of your local bus services.





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