When Can I Use My Bus Pass?

2. Am I Eligible for a Disabled Person’s Bus Pass?

To be eligible your disability must be permanent, lasted at least 12 months or likely to last at least 12 months.

The following are set by the government, under the Transport Act 2000:

  • Blind or partially sighted
  • Profoundly or severely deaf
  • Without speech
  • Have a disability or have an injury which has substantial and long-term effect on your ability to walk.
  • Do not have arms or have long-term loss of the use of both arms.
  • Have a learning disability
  • Have been refused a driving license due to physical incapacity, this does not include refusal on grounds of
    • drug misuse
    • alcohol misuse
  • Are in receipt of Higher Rate Mobility  for Disability Living Allowance (HRMCDLA)

Your form must be signed by a Health Practitioner, any charge for this would be for you to pay. 

3. Where Can I Use My Bus Pass?

Bus passes issued in Buckinghamshire are valid anywhere in England. Unfortunately passes issued in England are not valid in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

4. When Can I Use My Bus Pass?

Using your pass

Your bus pass can be used at the times below:

  • anywhere in England from 9.30am to 11.00pm Monday to Friday
  • anywhere in Buckinghamshire from 9am to 11.59pm Monday to Friday
  • anywhere in England all day at weekends & Public Holidays

In addition if your pass has been issued as a result of a visual impairment you may use your pass anywhere in Buckinghamshire at any time. Your pass will require the following symbol on it:

Visual Impairment symbol



6. How Long is My Pass Valid For?

Your pass will be valid until the expiry date shown on the front of your bus pass or until the announcement of any alterations to scheme conditions.  The expiry date will normally be five years from your birthday.  

We do not send renewal reminders but you can renew your pass up to 90 days in advance of the expiry date and up to 180 days after the pass has expired.  If your pass expired more than 180 days ago you will need to apply again as if it were a new application.

7. Is There a Charge for my Bus Pass?

There is a £10 administration fee to replace passes that have been lost or damaged.

There is no charge to issue or renew a bus pass.

There is no charge for a stolen bus pass as long as you have a valid crime reference number which we can check with the police.

8. Do You Offer Companion Passes?

A companion endorsement is available for any eligible person who can’t travel alone, this allows a companion to travel free of charge with the card holder. You will need to provide a letter from a Health Practitioner to confirm that you are unable to travel on public transport unaided.  Holders of a pass endorsed “companion” may be accompanied by a companion free of charge.

A holder of a permit endorsed “companion” may start a bus journey on their own. But if accompanied by a companion, both permit holder and companion must board and get off at the same point. No companion may obtain a concession under the Scheme except when accompanying the holder of a valid permit endorsed “companion”.

Please be aware that allowing a companion to travel free, on the same card is an enhancement to the statutory scheme offered by Buckinghamshire Council. It is only guaranteed for journeys that start within the Buckinghamshire Council area (not including Milton Keynes). Other local authorities may not offer a similar benefit for journeys starting in their area.

9. What is the Definition of a Local Bus Service?

Local buses are run by operators to a timetable that the public can use without booking. In Buckinghamshire this includes all services except those operated by National Express and dial-a-rides.

There are some times  where  longer  distance  coach  and  bus  operators  may  have registered as a local bus service, so if you are unsure about whether you can use your pass  check with the company first.

10. Are There Alternatives to a Free Bus Pass?

Buckinghamshire Council does not offer an alternative travel concession to the free bus pass. 

11. What Happens if I Lose my Pass?

Please fill in the replacement pass form if your pass is lost or stolen. There is a replacement charge of £10 to replace a lost or damaged bus pass. If your pass has been stolen and you have a crime number from the police then this fee will be waived.


12. What Should I Do if I Move Away from Buckinghamshire?

Please return your pass to the address below. You will need to apply for a new pass from your new local authority.


Buckinghamshire Council
Bus Pass Team
King George V House
King George V Road
Amersham  HP6 5AW


13. Data Protection Information

By applying for a bus pass, we will need to collect and use personal information about you to produce and manage this bus pass. You have the right to request information about how we use your data and if you have any queries about how we might use your personal data please contact us at buspasses@buckinghamshire.gov.uk or by post at: 


Buckinghamshire Council
Bus Pass Team
King George V House
King George V Road
Amersham  HP6 5AW


14. How do I use my bus pass?

Show your pass to the bus driver and tell him where you want to go. Many buses have electronic machines so the driver may ask you place your card on the card reader. 

Please be aware that your pass may not work on the ticket machine if it is with another card with a microchip, for example a bank card, always keep them apart.