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Changes to bus services

Updated 17 September 2018

30 September 2018

Silver Rider 1 and Water Rider 6: Red Rose Travel and Red Line Buses:

Z&S Transport have withdrawn from operating the Silver rider bus service and Red Rose Travel will take over the section between Fairford Leys and Aylesbury town centre, this will run Monday to Sundays and off-peak buses will additionally serve all stops on Fowler Road.

Buckingham Park will be served by an extended Water Rider 6/7 service operated by Redline Buses. The service will operate up to every 20 minutes Monday to Saturdays. Route 6 journeys will serve Aylesbury, Dunsham Lane, Cleveland Road, Watermead, Buckingham Park and vice versa.  Early morning route 7 journeys will run from town straight along the Buckingham Road to Buckingham Park and then Watermead, travelling back via Dunsham Lane. The evening route 7 journeys will do the reverse of this.

Through tickets for both services will be available.

Service 8A Arriva: Introduction of two additional early morning journeys from Aylesbury to RAF Halton at 0705 and 0745.

Service 11/11A Redline Buses: These services have been re-routed and will will no longer serve Fowler Road. The buses will now serve the Ellen Road/Lavric Road loop in an anti-clockwise direction. For journeys between the town centre and Fowler Road please see the new Silver rider 1 timetable

Service 335/353 Redline Buses: Following the introduction of Carousel’s Service 104 these services will be combined and operate as one route numbered 335. The buses will run up to every 2 hours, Monday to Saturdays between Chalfont Common and Slough calling at Chalfont St Peter, Gerrards Cross, Stoke Poges, Wexham Park Hospital, George Green and Upton Lea. Two return journeys will extend to Amersham Old Town on weekdays. School time journeys to Chalfont Community College will continue to run via Fulmer. For more journeys between Gerrards Cross and Slough via Fulmer and Stoke Poges please see Carousel Buses route 104.

Service 500 Arriva: Changes to the timetable including a reduction in frequency on the Monday to Friday service, which will operate up to every 30 minutes. Some early morning journeys from Tring to Watford are extended to start in Aylesbury.


10 September 2018

Service 410 National Express: The morning journeys towards London are now extended to start in Walsall. No other changes to journeys serving High Wycombe Coachway.

5 September 2018

Service BB14 Carousel Buses: Carousel will be withdrawing this schoolday service. Passengers travelling between Flackwell Heath and Marlow Hill Schools are advised to use the 36B.

Service BB16 Carousel Buses/325 Chiltern Bus Company:

Schoolday bus route BB16 from Marlow Bottom and Marlow to Marlow Hill Schools has been withdrawn by Carousel Buses. Bus service 325 operated by Chiltern Bus Company will replace this.

We are advised that Chiltern Bus Company fares will be similar to those charged by Carousel. Chiltern Bus Company can be contacted at: 

Service 653: Aylesbury to John Colet School and Wendover to Aylesbury Schools coach park. This service has been withdrawn. Please see Redline's 50 and Arriva's 8A for replacement journeys.

3 September 2018

Service 80 Akeley - Buckingham, Bourton Meadow School - Tingewick - Brackley, Waynflete College
This Stagecoach operated schoolday only service is extended to serve Akeley. No change to the rest of the route or timetable.

2 September 2018

Service 4, Aylesbury - Berryfields
This service, operated by Redline Buses, will now operate between Berryfields and Aylesbury only. Timing changes between these locations but no change to frequency. For buses to and from Elmhurst and The Coppice please see service 14 below.

Service 11/11A Aylesbury - Lavric Road - Prebendal Farm/Southcourt:
This service previously operated by Star Travel, will now be operated by Redline Buses. There are timetable changes including a slight reduction in the number of peak time journeys. Off-peak the 11/11A buses will operate every half hour combined as previously.

Service 14 The Coppice - Elmhurst - Aylesbury:
This new service, operated by Redline Buses, replaces the withdrawn section of route 4. The route will run Monday to Saturday up to every 30 minutes.

Service 55 Aylesbury - Wendover - Amersham - Chesham:
The 1250 journey from Aylesbury will now terminate in Amersham instead of Chesham. The 1345 journey from Chesham will now start from Amersham at 1340 and will operate via Bedgrove instead of Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

Service 103 High Wycombe - Amersham - Watford:
Following the completion of the redevelopment works in Watford, this service will revert to the former route in Watford town centre. Certain journeys will also resume serving Cedars Village.

Service 335/353 Amersham/ Chalfont Common - Gerrards Cross - Stoke Poges - Slough:
Minor timing changes to accommodate changes to the start and finish times at Chalfont Community College.

1 September 2018

From this date the following services previously operated by Red Kite, will instead be operated by Star Travel. There are no other changes to the routes and times:

154 Newton Longville - Aylesbury
162 Bletchley/Dagnall - Leighton Buzzard
167 Ivinghoe - Leighton Buzzard
174 Dagnall - Edlesborough

The Redkite operated 1630 journey from Leighton Buzzard to Cheddington on service 164 will be withdrawn. There are no changes to the Redline 164 timetable.

 Service disruption and stop closures provides information on diversions and disruption to bus services due to road works or stop suspensions . 


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