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Changes to bus services

1 July 2019

Water Rider 6/7 Redline Aylesbury - Watermead - Buckingham Park: Service 7 journeys will be renumbered to  operate as service 6A. No change to route or times.

643 Redline Stokenchurch - Piddington - High Wycombe (Schooldays only): Afternoon journey revised to operate 5 minutes later.

22 July 2019

647 Vale Travel Aylesbury - High Wycombe - Beaconsfield School: Service withdrawn.

28/29 July 2019

724 Arriva Heathrow Airport - Denham - Harlow: Revised timetable throughout, no change to route or frequency.

Aylesbury Vale Changes:

Aylesbury Bus Station: Please be aware that from Monday 29 July some bus services will operate from a different bay in the Bus Station. Please check the Where to Catch Your Bus poster or digital displays in the Bus Station before travelling.

1 Silver rider Red Rose Travel Aylesbury to Fairford Leys: Route revised to operate via Fowler Road on all journeys. Frequencies changed to up to every 20 minutes Monday to Fridays, Saturday late afternoon service changed to run every 30 minutes. Sunday service withdrawn and replaced by new Service 17.

7 Red Rose Travel Stoke Mandeville Hospital - Aylesbury town centre - Broughton - Bedgrove: Introduction of a new bus service operating up to every 30 minutes on Monday to Saturdays. 

8/8A Arriva RAF Halton - Wendover - Bedgrove - Aylesbury: Revised timetable with off-peak journeys revised to additionally serve Welbeck Avenue and Ingram Avenue, Bedgrove in both directions.

9 Arriva Aylesbury - Walton Court - Stoke Mandeville Hospital: Revised Monday to Saturday timetable with no change to frequency. Evening journeys renumbered to service 9A and revised to operate as a circular, after reaching the Hospital via Southcourt and Walton Court as normal route 9, but will travel back to the town centre via Stoke Road and Walton Street. A couple of journeys on Saturday morning and all of the Sunday service will be renumbered as 9C these will run as a circular travelling from town to Stoke Mandeville Hospital direct via Walton Street and Stoke Road, but then return to town via Walton Court and Southcourt.

11/11A Redline Aylesbury - Lavric Road - Walton Court - Southcourt - Aylesbury: 11A withdrawn and replaced by a revised route 11. Route 11 will operate every 30 minutes on Mondays to Saturdays and extended to serve Walton Court and Taylor Road. 

17 Red Rose Travel Fairford Leys - Aylesbury - Buckingham Park - Watermead: New Sunday only service operating hourly between Aylesbury town centre and Fairford Leys, Buckingham Park and Watermead estates.

18 Langston & Tasker Buckingham to Bicester: Revised timetable to allow certain journeys to serve Maids Moreton.

60 Arriva Aylesbury - North Marston - Winslow - Buckingham - Maids Moreton: Arriva have informed us that they will be withdrawing this service from 28 July. The majority of the route between Aylesbury, Winslow and Buckingham will be covered by the revised Arriva X60 bus timetable please see X60 below. Since Arriva's decision we have been working on alternative timetables for the section of route not served by the X60 as follows:

For journeys to/from Oving, North Marston and Granborough a new route 60 timetable has now been confirmed and will be operated by Red Rose Travel.

For journeys to/from Maids Moreton to Buckingham, this will be incorporated within existing Monday to Friday route 18 and 151 and Saturday route 131 and 132 bus services.  Please see this summary timetable of all Maids Moreton journeys.

X60 Arriva Aylesbury - Buckingham - Milton Keynes: Revised timetable with the frequency increased to run up to every 30 minutes on Mondays to Saturdays. Buses will additionally serve Old Stratford between Buckingham and Central Milton Keynes. Journeys between Buckingham and Maids Moreton withdrawn, please see route 60 entry above.

131/132 Redline Buses Buckingham to Brackley: Revised Saturday timetable to allow certain journeys to serve Maids Moreton.

151 Redline Buses Akeley/Thornborough to Buckingham: Revised timetable. One journey will now call in Maids Moreton Village.

500 Arriva Aylesbury - Hemel Hempstead - Watford: Revised timetable with frequency increased to every 20 minutes on Mondays to Fridays. Additional early morning journeys will operate from Aylesbury and later evening journeys from Watford.

High Wycombe Area Changes:

1/1A Arriva High Wycombe to Chesham: Timing changes including the withdrawal of the last journey in each direction (2230 from High Wycombe and 2321 from Pond Park) on Mondays to Saturdays. Minor off-peak timing changes. No change to route or frequency. 

32 Arriva Booker - High Wycombe - Micklefield: On Monday to Fridays the 2232 journey from Booker and the  2255 and 2311 from Micklefield will be withdrawn. The 2154 from Micklefield will terminate at the Bus Station. On Saturdays the 2232 from Booker and the 2311 from Micklefield will be withdrawn. No change to route or frequency.

33 Arriva Totteridge - High Wycombe - Castlefield:  On Monday to Friday mornings the 0632 from Castlefield will terminate at the Bus Station, the 0637 from Totteridge will now commence at 0654 from the Bus Station. On Monday to Saturday evenings the 2223 from Castlefield will be withdrawn. On Sundays the 1827 from Castlefield will no longer operate.

Arriva 34 Cressex to High Wycombe. Carousel PR1, PR2 Coachway to High Wycombe. From this date these two  bus routes will be combined to create a new service, routes 8/X8 operated by Carousel Buses. This will operate as the High Wycombe Park & Ride service as well as serving Cressex. Please note Arriva zone passes will be accepted on the 8/X8. Please see the timetable for full information.

The routes will run as follows:

Service 8 Coachway - John Hall Way - Cressex Business Park - Wycombe Hospital - Railway Station - Bus Station - Cressex Business Park - John Hall Way - Coachway.
Operates Monday to Saturdays, up to every 20 minutes

Service X8 Coachway – Railway Station – Bus Station (and return)
Operates peak times Monday to Fridays.

35/36/37 Arriva and Carousel High Wycombe - Flackwell Heath/Bourne End/Maidenhead: Carousel's service 35 will be revised to operate via Easton Street, High Wycombe in both directions. Service 36C will be withdrawn and replaced between High Wycombe and Flackwell Heath by additional service 36 journeys. An extra service 36 journey will run on school holidays from High Wycombe to Bourne End at 1610 to improve service regularity. Arriva evening and Sunday 35 journeys will now operate as 37A with timetable changes and some later evening journeys withdrawn.

Service disruption and stop closures provides information on diversions and disruption to bus services due to road works or stop suspensions . 


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