Apply for or renew a Blue Badge

Eligibility for people with non-visible (hidden) disabilities

People with hidden disabilities, including anxiety disorders or a brain injury, can now apply for a Blue Badge.

In the biggest change to Blue Badges since the 1970s, the Department for Transport has issued new guidance to councils in England on Blue Badge parking permit eligibility, along with a new online eligibility checker to make the scheme clearer for people before they apply. Find out more about the extended eligibility for Blue Badges.

If you would like to apply for, or renew, a Blue Badge, you can do this on the GOV.UK website.  It must be completed in full even if you have held a Blue Badge before. You will need (where relevant):

  • National Insurance (NI) number 
  • driving licence number 
  • expiry date of Higher Rate Mobility Allowance or War Pension
  • details of your doctor and any specialists you see 
  • details of any medication and the dosage

Apply or renew 

Make a note of the reference number. You can pay and upload a photo online (passport photo rules apply).


What happens next

If you are automatically eligible, please allow 2 weeks for your badge to be posted.

If it requires you to have an independent mobility assessment, there is a 6 week wait as we are experiencing a high demand.


Postal or paper applications

You can also download an application form to: 

When applying for a Blue Badge by post, it can take 6 weeks from receipt of all documents, including payment.

Use our contact blue badge form to find answers.


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