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Apply for a Blue Badge

Complete the Blue Badge application form on the GOV.UK website. It needs to be completed in full whether you have held a Blue Badge before or are applying for the first time. You will need (where relevant):

  • National Insurance Number 
  • Driving license number 
  • Expiry date of Higher Rate Mobility Allowance or War Pension
  • Details of your doctor and any specialists you see 
  • Details of any medication you take including the dosage


Make a note of the tracking reference number. You can pay and upload a photo online (passport photo rules apply).

What happens next

Please allow 2-4 weeks for your badge to be issued.

You can track the progress of your completed/submitted application online. If you're making a renewal application we recommend applying 4 weeks before the expiry date on your current badge. 

We process all applications, with the exception of critically ill applicants, in the order that they are received. 

Return to saved application

Postal or paper applications

You may also apply for a Blue Badge by paper and posting your application. This method may take 6 weeks from receipt of all documentation, including payment.

You can also apply for a replacement Blue Badge by paper and posting your application.

Further questions?

Use our interactive contact blue badge form to find answers to your questions.

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