Luton Airport expansion

To increase passenger numbers, an expansion of Luton Airport is being proposed by London Luton Airport Limited (LLAL). Their preferred option is to build a second terminal to the north of the runway.

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Our position

Alongside Aylesbury Vale District Council, we are engaging with LLAL to secure an improved outcome for Buckinghamshire. This ensures our residents and businesses voices are heard. Whilst we recognise the potential economic benefits, we want to make sure we reduce any noise, air quality, and traffic impacts.

We have submitted responses in regards to LLAL's scoping and stage 1 consultation. 

BCC Consultation 1 response
BCC and AVDC joint scoping response

What it could mean for Buckinghamshire

  • Contribution towards the regional economy
  • Access to more jobs at all levels
  • Improved reliability and increased frequency of public transport connections
  • Changes to flight paths over parts of Buckinghamshire


Potential impacts

Aircraft noise

The number of air traffic movements would rise if the expansion goes ahead. In our response to LLAL's first consultation, we requested a 6 and a half hour night time flight ban.


We are requesting that LLAL support improved public transport options to Luton Airport.

This will be via 'hubs' in Buckinghamshire's major towns. These hubs will help reduce congestion and the impact on air quality from more vehicles travelling to the airport. They will also improve Buckinghamshire residents and businesses transport options.

Local Impacts

We wants to ensure that LLAL considers the impacts of expansion in communities in northern Buckinghamshire, particularly:

  • Edlesborough
  • Dagnall
  • Pitstone
  • Halton



The project is of a size and scale that it meets the thresholds to be a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project. That means LLAL must apply for a Development Consent Order (DCO). The application will be examined by the Planning Inspectorate and decided by the Secretary of State for Transport.

Mid 2018

Non-Statutory Consultation

Mid 2018 to Mid 2019

LLAL has been reviewing responses to the Non-Statutory Consultation. They have been continuing dialogue with local stakeholders, leading to a preferred scheme.

Winter 2019

LLAL are aiming to undertake their Statutory DCO Consultation in the winter of 2019. This will include the preferred scheme and draft detailed technical and environmental information.

The potential noise impacts of the expansion plan, including aircraft noise, will need to be set out in the LLAL consultation.


LLAL will be considering all of the comments provided during the 2019 consultation. This will help inform final design changes and submission of their DCO application. They will then begin the approval process with a decision being made in 2021.

If approved, LLAL would then work towards its 32m passenger target by 2050, with 240,000 flights a year using its one existing runway.


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