Reserve a book or item online

If your local library doesn't have the book (or item) you want to borrow, you can reserve it from another library.

You will need your:

  • Buckinghamshire library card number (the long number from your library card)
  • 4 digit PIN number (forgot your PIN?)

Search and reserve

To reserve a library book or item online:

  1. Login with your library card number or Borrower ID and PIN 
  2. Once logged in click 'Home' to search for the book or item in Buckinghamshire Libraries catalogue
  3. Click on the title of the book or item
  4. Click on the Place Reservation button at the top or bottom of the screen. Note: this button will only appear if it is possible to place a reservation on this title.
  5. Check the library location you wish to collect the book or item from is correct. If not select Change pickup location
  6. Select a date you wish to borrow the book or item by or specify when you do not require the book or item e.g. after 2 months. Your reservation will be automatically cancelled if not satisfied by this date or time period.
  7. If you are happy select the Place Reservation button.
  8. You will be advised if there are any charges or problems with your reservation. If all if well and you wish to proceed with your reservation, select the Continue button. Select the Cancel button if you don't wish to place the reservation.
  9. If you decided to proceed, details of your reservation will be displayed. This includes your current rank in the waiting list for the title.


Other ways to reserve a library item

We will send you an email when your item is ready for collection and will give you 14 days to collect it. If the item is not collected within 14 days it will be returned to the shelves for other people to borrow.



There is a small charge in place to reserve some items. Some concessions are available. 


Cancelling a reservation online

To cancel reservations:

  1. Login with your library card number (the long number on the back of your library card) at Borrower ID and PIN 
  2. Select reservations not yet available or reservations available for pickup
  3. To cancel individual reservations select by ticking the checkbox for each one you would like to cancel then click Cancel Selections.
  4. If you want to cancel all your current reservations, click Cancel All.

Please note any charges for a reservation will be refunded automatically if the item is not already on its way for your reservation or if we are unable to supply the book for any reason.

Login and cancel a reservation


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