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Last updated: 03 June 2019

We believe the governing principle should be that the library should foster the exchange of ideas and information and maintain the same impartiality with regard to displays as with regard to book selection. Provided that space permits, the Council believes that the only restraint on allowing individuals and organisations to mount displays and exhibitions should be the law of the land.

Purpose of this policy

Buckinghamshire libraries are focal points for a wide range of organisations wishing to publicise and promote their activities. This information often takes the form of posters, leaflets, exhibitions and displays and other promotional material. This policy is designed to protect the standing of Buckinghamshire libraries in the community as an unbiased source of public information to which all users have access and to help staff make a judgement on what is acceptable and to explain that judgement to members of the public.


Guidelines on implementing and managing this policy are provided for staff and applied by local managers.

The following materials must be displayed:

  • Material which libraries are legally obliged to display as selected deposit locations e.g. consultations, traffic notices, Council notices with legal import

The following materials may be displayed in libraries. This list is in priority order:

  • Those relating to Buckinghamshire County Council and district, town and parish councils within the county
  • Those known to the local manager to be of legitimate interest to the local community
  • Those produced by central government departments, agencies and other government linked and accredited organisations
  • Those produced by essential public services, including health and police; Post Office, gas, water, electricity, public transport and telecommunications undertakings and their national regulatory and local consumer bodies


Space in libraries is limited and material is accepted for display at the discretion of the library manager, subject to the following criteria:

  • The amount of space available in individual service points for display
  • The expectations and interests of users at a local level
  • No guarantee is made as to the length of time material is displayed for or the site for display of material
  • Posters should be of A4 size or smaller, unambiguous, up to date and of good quality
  • All material should have a clear indication of its source
  • We do not endorse or recommend any of the activities, products and services advertised, other than those we provide

Where posters and leaflets meet these criteria but there is insufficient display space, they will be displayed in community information folders.

The following materials may not be displayed:

  • Those that are illegal, inflammatory or offensive.
  • Those from any political party (although lists of local M.P.s and councillors may be displayed).
  • Those of a campaigning nature e.g. pressure groups seeking to exercise political influence, unless such campaigns are supported by Buckinghamshire County Council.
  • Petitions, unless specifically authorised by Buckinghamshire County Council..
  • Those that are direct fundraising, including material that asks for subscriptions and donations, unless supported by Buckinghamshire libraries. This would also apply to collection boxes and raffle tickets.
  • Those advertising commercial goods and services, unless part of paid for advertising boards

Online event listings

The advertisement of events through our library webpages is provided by and reserved for Buckinghamshire library activities and events. We are not able to display publicity for third party events.


A copy of this policy and the guidelines will be available at each Service Point.

In making decisions as to whether material can be displayed, the local Manager's decision is final.

Any complaints should be progressed through our complaints procedure.


The Display Policy next review is scheduled for December 2019.

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