Bourne End Community Library

Bourne End is closed today

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Bourne End Community Library



Volunteers are working with council staff to provide the library service. If you would like to help please ask next time you are in the library.

Community libraries

These are managed in a variety of ways. Some are entirely managed by local community organisations and volunteers and some are jointly managed with Buckinghamshire County Council.

You can use your Buckinghamshire library card in a community library as usual. 

Regular activities

  • Tai chi classes for adults
  • Yoga Classes
  • Circuit training
  • Sing Your Pain Away
  • Visual Impairment Reading Group
  • Community Saturday Market (2nd Saturday of every month)
  • Tuesday Afternoon Book Group
  • Coffee, tea and hot chocolate available everyday

Children's activities

  • Children's holiday activities
  • Coding Classes

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