Reminiscence collection

The Reminiscence Collection can help families and carers to remember the past and share experiences. Items are available to anybody with a library card and are suitable for a wide range of uses. The collection includes:-

  • Board and card games to stimulate mind and memory
  • Activities to encourage use of fine motor skills
  • Tabletop and chair games designed for people with mobility difficulties
  • Tactile and visual activities suitable for people living with visual impairment, dementia or learning difficulties
  • Photos and scrapbooks of different time periods
  • DVDs on the years 1931-1989
  • Suitcases of historical memorabilia (1930s, 1950s, WW2, Victorians)
  • Jigsaw puzzles/jigsticks
  • Memory boxes (toys, household objects)
  • Giant floor games

The collection is housed in the County Reserve Stock.

Please contact staff on 01296 383966 or email: with any enquiries and to book.  

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Dementia Friendly Communities

Buckinghamshire Libraries are supporting the Dementia Friendly Communities Project.

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