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Buckinghamshire Libraries can support you to stay healthy and live well.

Our friendly staff and volunteers will guide you to:

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which will help you to look after and improve your health and wellbeing.

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Reading Well for long term conditions

Reading Well for long term conditions

Reading Well for long term conditions has a recommended reading list of 28 books that were selected by health experts and people living with long term conditions. The list includes health information, memoir and self-management titles and covers conditions such as diabetes, stroke and heart disease, as well as common symptoms such as fatigue, pain, wellbeing and sleep problems.

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NHS Health Checks 

NHS offers FREE Health Checks for people aged 40-74. Helping you prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease. Just 20 minutes of your time to keep you running like clockwork.

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Reading Well for mental health

Are you feeling stressed, worried or low?

Buckinghamshire Libraries provide ‘self-help’ books which are full of strategies to help you to cope with your difficulties.

The books in this collection are free to reserve both online and in any Buckinghamshire Library. You can also collect your reservations from any Buckinghamshire Library. The books can be borrowed for 3 weeks and renewed up to a maximum of four renewals, unless reserved by another customer.

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Macmillan Cancer Support booklist

Macmillan has put together a cancer support list of core titles with information about cancer and people's experiences of living with cancer.

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Macmillan Information Points

Buckinghamshire Libraries are working in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support to help our customers get access to information, services and support. We aim to improve access not only for those diagnosed with cancer, but also family, friends and carers.

Buckingham Library and High Wycombe Library have a permanent Macmillan Information Point with free information which you can read in the library or take away with you.

Our friendly library staff have received face to face training from Macmillan to maintain an understanding of Macmillan’s role in the local community.


Reading Well for young people

Reading Well provides quality assured information and advice to help young people understand and manage their mental health. The scheme promotes emotional resilience and aims to reduce stigma around mental health issues.

The collection is a mix of fiction and non-fiction created for young people by young people.

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Most of the Reading Well for young people collection are also available to borrow as eBooks

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Reading Well for dementia

Do you have dementia or know someone living with the condition?

The dementia booklist is a collection of adult and children’s books which support people with dementia and their carers by raising awareness and increasing understanding of the condition.

The books in this collection can be reserved both online and in any Buckinghamshire Library. You can also collect your reservations from any Buckinghamshire Library.

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Pictures to Share

These books cover a variety of themes and are designed to spark conversation and memories. Pictures to Share contain mostly pictures and a small amount of text and are ideal for family, friends and carers to use and develop a sense of togetherness with someone who is finding communication difficult.

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Reminiscence - borrow objects to aid memories

The Reminiscence Collection can help families and carers to remember the past and share experiences.

Items are available to anybody with a library card and are suitable for a wide range of uses.


Reading Well Mood-boosting books

Reading Well Mood-boosting Books scheme is a national promotion of uplifting novels, non-fiction and poetry selected by readers and reading groups.

The Reading Agency have also worked with Macmillan Cancer Support to involve people who have been diagnosed with cancer in recommending books. Most of the books are not specifically about cancer but have been recommended as books that people found mood-boosting during or after treatment.

Have you read any of the books on the list? Which ones would you share with a friend who needs a boost? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook using #moodboosting

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Dementia Friendly Communities

Buckinghamshire Libraries are supporting the Dementia Friendly Communities Project.

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