Reading Groups

There are already over 200 reading groups in Buckinghamshire, meeting in our libraries, their own homes or in other venues around the county. 

How to set up a group

One member of your reading group will be responsible for ordering, collecting and returning your reading group book sets. You can reserve your next book set for free with staff in the library.

There is a subscription charge of £25 per year to supply sets of books to reading groups.

This charge will enable us to provide more new sets for groups to book in future, as we know how important it is to offer a wide selection and to include regular new titles.

The charge will be applied to your reading group’s library account on 1st May and can be paid online, by logging into your account, or in person in your local library.

What titles are available

There are over 400 reading group collections available for loan in Buckinghamshire.

Each set contains 10 books and are reserved exclusively for reading groups. In addition to the 10 books many sets also include:

  • audiobook  
  • large print
  • eBook or eAudiobook

See our full printable list of Reading Group sets

Reading Group sets cannot be reserved online.

To book one of these collections, please contact your local library.

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Leading a discussion

Here are some ideas for a discussion:

  • How did this book make you feel?
  • What did you think of the characters?
  • Did you like the style of writing?
  • Did the book raise any issues which made you think?
  • If you didn’t finish the book, what stopped you?
  • Would you read anything else by this author?
  • Would you recommend this book to anyone else? 

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