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Get Active! Do it for you. Do it for your family.

Being regularly active is a great way to lead a healthy and happy life. Even though family life is busy and can be exhausting, it is important to remember to make some time for you.

On these web pages, you will find everything you need to get more active.

There are many reasons to be active every day and we have some great ideas on how to get you started in your day to day life.


For your children

What you do provides an important role model for your children. Did you know that children of inactive parents are more likely to be inactive themselves? Or that children are more likely to get better exam results if they’re regularly active?


For you

  • It keeps you feeling happy and confident and can be fun to do with a friend or family members
  • It helps you manage your weight and is one of the best ways to reduce your chance of getting heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, dementia and some cancers
  • It strengthens your bones and muscles and reduces stress, anxiety and depression

How active are you now?

  • In general, adults should aim to be active every day. Over a week, activity should add up to at least 150 minutes, or 2 ½ hours. One way to break this down is half an hour each day for 5 days of the week. Even 10-minute bursts of activity count towards your target, and can be the easiest way to fit activity into your day! 

    Remember, doing some activity is better than none, and the key is to do an activity that raises your heart rate, makes you breathe faster and feel warmer. One way to tell if you’re being active at the right level is if you can still talk, but you can’t sing the words to a song.

    Record your current levels of activity on the chart – are you doing 150 minutes of activity a week? Ask a friend or family member to do the same thing and compare the results.


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