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Information for local organisations and stakeholders

2. Digital toolkit

Active Bucks has been designed to engage people at a community level and we therefore need your help in communicating information about the project.

This toolkit, developed for Community Champions, activity providers and stakeholders, helps you to navigate some aspects of the media and enables you to better promote the project. You should find everything you need within this toolkit for every communications channel with examples that will appeal to different audiences within Buckinghamshire.

If you require any resources that you can't find on this page, please email the communications team.


It is very important that any promotional materials you produce has the correct branding. Please ensure you read the branding guidelines carefully or simply use the templates provided below.

Facebook posts & Twitter

We think using your social circle to engage others about the work you are doing is an excellent idea and encourage using your established social media networks to do this. You do not need to have an officially written ‘post’ or ‘tweet’ but we would encourage you to use hash tag #activebucks and putting @activebucks in your tweets as this allows us to retweet! 

Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  1. Promotion - talk about what activity session is on offer that week and how easy it is for people to get involved "New exercise class starts tonight at 7pm in Vale Park, Aylesbury. Just turn up!"
  2. Behind-the-scenes - you could post/tweet a photo or short video that showcases your preparation for an Active Bucks session
  3. Helpful tips - provide some ideas on how to be more active in everyday life. This could include ideas for how to keep active between sessions or just some general advice. "Got 5 mins free? Run up and down those stairs! Doing this regularly will help you stay fit! #activebucks"
  4. Feature industry experts or news - what is going on in the world of physical activity? Make sure you are following other like-minded organisations and share content from them that is relevant to Buckinghamshire residents looking to get more active.

If you want to promote directly using Facebook, please use the following:

  • Community Champion

If you would like to tweet but never done it or need to brush up then this guide will be helpful. 


Is a very local based social media platform which operates on a granular street level as the name implies! This means you can communicate with people on your street and engage on extremely local issues quite easily. It’s easy to find out if there is local interest in an activity by perusing or posting in the ‘local activities’ section.

Articles for publications & websites

Please remember to use the Active Bucks logo when promoting the project whether it is a printed or digital publication or on a website. You will find lots of useful information about the Active Bucks project on our webpages here, so please feel free to copy the text and use the photographs in the downloads section below. Alternatively, you could simply use a poster from the section below! 

Active Bucks logo

Make use of these sample articles and remember to include images and links to the Active Bucks website:

Posters & flyers 

You can put up posters (with permission from the owners!) in local supermarkets, newsagents, churches, community centres etc. 

Posters and flyers promoting specific activities can be found on the relevant area webpages in the downloads section at the bottom of each page.

Here are four general use e-flyers that can be used across websites, social media, added to emails or used within any publications:

We have a number of professionally produced poster templates which will allow you to edit the activity details. Simply download from the list below, overwrite the text with your details and print or publish. (Please note it may not work on all operating systems, please contact us if you need assistance.) 

Please feel free to use these posters on your website, on emails or any other digital platform! If you are a Community Champion and would like some hard copies of the postcards to distribute in your local area please contact


We have printed a selection of postcards for use at events. Copies of the postcard can be downloaded below:

Press releases

Generally there is a skill to writing effective press releases and we have found over the years that the council tends to have better success than individuals. If you have something that is news worthy then we are very happy to work with you on a press release but advise you to get in contact with us in the first instance. Email us.

Active photographs

We've got plenty of images you can use. Please download photographs from the selection below, they really help give examples of the types of activities that will help our residents move more.

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Last updated: 7 November 2017

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