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Ideas for walking in Buckinghamshire

Walking is the easiest activity to add into your daily routine and when you can find a little more time there are lots of organised walks you can join.

Aylesbury and District Ramblers 

The ramblers provide a programme of walks to suit everyone. Tuesday walks are about 4 miles at no faster than 2 miles per hour average.  Thursday walks tend to be 6 - 9 miles at a somewhat faster pace.  Sunday walks can be up to 14 miles. It is not necessary to be a member to join in a walk - just turn up on the day.

Simply Walk

Volunteer led walks run throughout the year with over 500 walkers taking part every week on more than 50 walks across the Buckinghamshire. The volunteer leaders are there to help you walk at your own pace – so don’t worry about being left behind or feeling left out.

Aylesbury University of the 3rd Age

Local walks take place monthly on a Monday. They usually meet at 10.00 at a location within ten miles of Aylesbury and then set off to enjoy a circular stroll in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside.

Wycombe University of the 3rd Age

The Walking Group holds 2 meetings a month. Shorter walks take place on the second Monday of the month starting at 10.00 and are usually between three to four and a half miles long. The longer walks take place on the fourth Monday of the month starting at 10.00 and vary in length between five to seven miles around the Bucks, Berks and Oxon countryside.

Thames Valley Long Distance Walkers Association

The association offers a fine selection of social walks throughout the year. Most are in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, or Berkshire. Naturally, the River Thames and the Chiltern Hills feature in many of the walks, which are friendly and enjoyable outings with a leader to guide the group through the day.

Nordic Walking Groups

Nordic Walking gives you the freedom to exercise anywhere at the right level. At Nordic Walking UK there are thousands of qualified Instructors who can help you to try, learn and take part in this whole body exercise.

Aylesbury and District Ramblers - Outer Aylesbury Ring

The Outer Aylesbury Ring is an 85 km / 53 mile route along the higher ground around the outside of the original Aylesbury Ring to produce a walk with goods views through pleasant countryside and passing through many of our delightful villages and towns. It can be walked using some of the 23 circular walks.

Other ways to fit in more walking into your day

  • Use the stairs rather than getting in the lift
  • Ask colleagues to accompany you on a 'walk and talk' rather than booking a meeting room
  • Get off the bus one stop earlier, or park your car further from the office or the supermarket
  • Walk your children or grandchildren to school
  • Take the dog for longer walks, or offer to walk a neighbour’s dog

Remember to wear comfortable, suitable footwear on all walks.

Keeping track of your steps

The NHS advises us that we should all be achieving 10,000 steps each day, on average most of us achieve 3,000 to 4,000 steps in normal daily activities. We encourage you to set yourself realistic goals that you can slowly increase, so that within 5 or 6 weeks 10,000 steps a week will feel like a breeze.

However, to save you counting, we have sourced the top gadgets to help you keep track!  

Recommendations for fitness trackers - reviews for personal devices

Are you a smart phone owner? Find out about the best fitness apps

Top ten pedometers - the simple way to count your steps

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