Energy and water management

Tracking our energy and water use 

We use energy management software to collect and report electricity, gas and water consumption data from meter readings and invoice data. Being a multi-site organisation this is a vital tool to ensure a cost-effective assessment of our energy and water usage.

Consumption data is collected frequently depending on type of utility and meter configuration as described below



Data collection


Electricity & gas

Automatic meter reader measured in kWh

Every half hour by meter

Offices; libraries; Highway depots; Country parks; Business units

Electricity & gas

Automatic meter reader measured in kWh

Monthly by site


Meter reader measured in m3

Quarterly by site

You can see that we report energy use and financial expenditure on a monthly basis, comparing it against historical data and forecasting models.

On average, our corporate buildings use 9,700 MWh in energy per annum - electricity and gas combined. This equates to an annual energy spend of £770,000 and a carbon footprint of 2,900 Tons CO2eq. This excludes schools and academies.Our energy and resources team work closely with corporate landlord to understand how our operational conditions impact the building’s energy & water usage.  They can then see where to action changes, where economically feasible, to help support our energy conservation strategies.

Energy and Water Procurement

The Council works in partnership with LASER Energy Buying Group for the procurement of energy supplies across corporate buildings, schools and academies under a flexible purchasing arrangement.

Flexible purchasing uses a mix of “purchase in advance” and “purchase within period” procurement options, allowing the Council to take advantage of lower energy prices within market standards. Energy is purchased in “portions” over a period of time guaranteeing a low cost of energy (pence per kWh) and financial protection from market uncertainty.

In light with water deregulation, we are rolling out arrangements to choose a water purchasing framework similar to the energy one above, to get better value for money on water services too.

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