Corporate responsibility

We understand the importance of energy as an essential resource for a sustainable economy. We also recognise the significance of energy management when responding to a challenging climate agenda.

We are leading the way in tackling climate change by promoting sustainable practices, reducing the environmental impact of our energy use and investing in energy conservation projects.

Investing in energy efficiency

Since 2009, we have made substantial investment in large scale energy efficiency projects such as cavity, loft and pipe work insulation; boiler control systems and state of the art light emitting diode (LED) fittings at schools; corporate buildings and street lighting. So far these projects have resulted in £600,000 annual savings and over 3,000 tonnes of net CO2eq avoided.

Few of our projects so far:

Investing in renewables

Solar panels

To ensure we use less energy we have fitted over 15 solar photovoltaic (PV) systems across a variety of sites since 2011. These are projected to generate over £455,000 feed-in-tariff income and save over £209,000 worth of electricity during a 25 year period.

In addition we have installed a small number of biomass boilers across several county parks and schools. Between 2011 and 2017 the Council have generated enough clean energy, Solar and Biomass combined, to supply 570 houses for a year.

Sustainable energy Policy

In April 2017 we successfully achieved our ambitious 10% carbon (CO2) reduction target as part of our Carbon Management Plan (CMP). Over 5,700 tonnes of net CO2 emissions were saved throughout a 6 year period.

We are rolling out a new Sustainable Energy Policy that will be established, implemented, and maintained in line with the internationally recognised ISO 50001:2011 standards. It will cover management of energy related activities within our New County Office (NCO) building in Aylesbury and will apply to all employees, contractors and volunteers working at NCO.

This Sustainable Energy Policy aims to achieve high standards in energy reduction practice across our main building. This will enable us to respond positively to climate change mitigation, adaptation and finance as established by the United Nations COP21 agreement.

We want to expand this Policy across all of our buildings in the future as part of its commitment to safeguard the environment across the community to which it operates.

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