What is strategic planning

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1. What is strategic planning?

decorative picture showing what goes into the strategic plan. Infrastructure, Local plans, Waste, Garden Town, airports, expansion, planningWe have a strategic planning role which covers national and local levels of spatial planning. This requires the council to have an overarching view of future growth proposals across the county and an understanding of the implications that this will have on its residents. We must balance the need for new development in Buckinghamshire with the protection and enhancement of its environment and quality of life.  We have a responsibility as the county authority on matters including highways, transport and education, as well as fulfilling a number of other functions which advise on local planning matters including waste management, ecology, public health and adult social care.

At a national level we seek to influence the content of new legislation, planning policy, guidance and other matters relating to central government, by responding to consultations initiated by number of government departments, but in particular the Ministry for Housing,  Communities and Local Government and Department for Transport. At the local level, we are the minerals and waste planning authority for Buckinghamshire and are responsible for preparing our minerals and waste local plan. We are also required by the government to have an influencing role over county-wide strategic planning matters with each of the four districts within Buckinghamshire and neighbouring local authorities as part of our duty to co-operate (Localism Act 2011). We co-ordinate our input to the local plans prepared by the district councils, and work in partnership with district councils and neighbouring authorities on strategic and cross-boundary planning policy issues.


Infrastructure projects

The county council is responsible for the maintenance and delivery of new and existing infrastructure across the county, and so plays a role in projects such as: 

We work with other services within the council and other local authorities to ensure that projects and plans work in the bigger picture, providing a sustainable framework for a thriving and attractive Buckinghamshire.



For more information on Strategic Planning matters.

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