Infrastructure mapping

This map shows growth and transport infrastructure planned for Buckinghamshire over the next 15 years. 

This includes:

  • district local plan sites
  • county and district planning applications
  • the location of parish neighbourhood plans
  • major national transport projects, such as HS2 and East West Rail
  • strategic countywide projects, such as the new Aylesbury link roads

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Infrastructure projects

Associated with the growth around Aylesbury is a network of new link roads, through and around the planned developments such as Hampden Fields and Woodlands. When implemented, they will effectively form an outer ring road network around the town and redirect through traffic from the town centre to peripheral routes. As a result congestion will be reduced and allow road space to be reallocated to other modes.

Some of the link road network, such as the road connecting Buckingham Park and Berryfields (Martin Dalby Way) have already been built, while others are at various stages of development and are dependent on the progress of the new housing projects which they serve.

CrossRail is a 118 km railway line currently under construction. It will serve:
London and Buckinghamshire
other home counties of Berkshire and Essex

The new section of the line, along with the two existing routes will be renamed the Elizabeth Line. The line will consist of a central core, and a Western and Eastern section. Each of these sections will split into two branches.

The Western section of the line involves upgrades to the current Great Western line and a new Heathrow spur. This includes the section that runs through southern Buckinghamshire . The section through Buckinghamshire runs on the surface and there are upgrades to the stations at Taplow and Iver.

The full opening of the line is not expected to happen until at least the middle of 2020 at this stage.

East West Rail is a major railway project linking East Anglia with Central, Southern and Western England.

The project will rebuild the old Varsity Line to provide a link between Oxford and Cambridge. This will improve East to West connectivity, whilst avoiding London, by feeding into current services like:

  • Great Western
  • Chiltern
  • Midland
  • Great Eastern

The project consists of three sections. Buckinghamshire is located within the Western section of the line, which runs from Oxford to Bedford on existing lines. The Buckinghamshire part of the line includes a new station at Winslow. This will provide links between Aylesbury, Oxford, Milton Keynes and London (connecting with the Chiltern line).

It is currently expected that this section of the line will become operational in 2023 to 2024.

The proposal of a third runway at Heathrow is part of a project for the expansion of the airport. This will provide:

  • economic growth
  • job opportunities
  • new domestic routes

In June 2018, the government voted in favour of the construction of the third runway.

Please visit the council's HS2 webpage. This has useful information along with links and maps.

A section of the M4 running through Buckinghamshire is currently being upgraded to a 'smart motorway'.

This will involve new technology helping to manage traffic to:

  • reduce delays
  • give drivers up to date information about road conditions

The scheme runs from junction 3, near Hayes and junction 12 at Theale and is expected to be completed by 2022.

Regeneration plans for a station at Old Oak Common were revealed in 2018.

The old rail depot is being developed as a station for High Speed 2 and will act as an interchange for:

  • HS2
  • Elizabeth Line
  • Chiltern Railways
  • Great Western Railway

A good proportion of southern Buckinghamshire is covered by designated green belt land. 

A policy for controlling urban growth in which a ring of rural land is maintained surrounding large cities. Bucks is situated in the Metropolitan Green Belt, the area of green belt designation surrounding London.

A large-scale review of green belt land in Buckinghamshire was conducted, called the Green Belt Assessment Report.

Buckinghamshire County Council has a statutory responsibility to work with the four districts to produce their updated Local Plans. 

A Local Plan is a document that sets out local planning policies and identifies how land is used, determining what will be built where.

The emerging Local Plans for Aylesbury Vale (Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan) and Wycombe (Wycombe Local Plan) have identified sites where development is expected to take place over the period of the Plans (up to 2033). These sites are shown on the map and are categorised into employment, housing and mixed-use allocations.

For more information on these plans, along with a joint plan for Chiltern & South Bucks.

Aylesbury Vale


Chiltern and South Bucks

Our neighbourhood planning page shows the location of where parish neighbourhood plans have been developed or are in development across Buckinghamshire. It also shows policy site boundaries, where applicable.


Dataset containing spatial information on Buckinghamshire County Council applications for Minerals & Waste and County owned buildings, processed in the 2018 calendar year.

Information derived from the Bucks Planning Portal on the BCC website.

Further information is available on the county's planning applications page.


There is information from each of our districts on recent planning applications which have been validated in the last few years. This contains the major applications for:

  • housing (greater than 30 dwellings)
  • employment
  • mixed-use developments

Details are given on the application reference and name, usage, validation date and current status. Information is derived from each district authorities' planning portal on their website.

Please visit our Oxford-Cambridge Expressway page for more information.

Please visit our Western Rail Link to Heathrow (WRLtH) page.

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