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Changes to public rights of way

Buckinghamshire's Definitive Map and Statement

All public rights of way in Buckinghamshire - footpaths, bridleways or byways - are recorded in the Definitive Map and Statement.

If a way is shown on the map then that is evidence of a public right of way, unless there has been a legally authorised amendment. However, if it is not shown on the map, this is not proof that the public has no rights over it and the map may be subject to change.

We have a statutory duty, under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 to:

  • keep the map up to date
  • investigate any application to add or delete rights of way
  • or to change their status - either by upgrading or downgrading

The map is accompanied by the Definitive Statement, which may contain more information about an individual path:

  • such as start and end point
  • the width of the way 

The Definitive Map is available for inspection at County Hall, Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies and at parish council offices.

Rights of way can also be viewed using our online map.

Apply for a for Definitive Map extract £31

Any additional questions will cost £7.70 each.


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