Monitoring minerals and waste sites

The Town and Country Planning Act enables us to monitor mineral, landfill sites and charge a fee for this work. 

This helps us:

  • Monitor all minerals and waste granted by the County Council.
  • Build relationships between the site operator/owners and the local community.
  • Ensure development is carried out in accordance with planning conditions and other planning obligations.
  • Monitor potential breaches to avoid formal enforcement action later.
  • Improve relationships and information collection with other monitoring agencies.
  • Checking the use and effectiveness of conditions and planning obligations, informing future decision-making.
  • Protecting the environment and public amenities.

We monitor active sites, whether chargeable or non-chargeable, such as waste transfer stations and composting facilities, 5 times a year. This frequency can be changed depending on circumstances. If issues arise which we have no authority to control we pass them to the appropriate authorities. 

Site monitoring report

Findings of site investigations are published in a site monitoring report. Breaches of conditions are categorised by severity as either technical, material or significant breaches. Depending on the severity of breaches as well as the overall condition of the site, the report outlines the action to be taken. This can include:

  • None except for further monitoring if there are no significant issues.
  • Liaising with the site operators to get them to address any problems.
  • Liaising with other agencies where issues come under their jurisdiction.
  • Recommending enforcement action and referring the case to enforcement officers if significant breaches are found which are not quickly rectified. 


Each visit costs £288 for an operational site and £96 for a dormant one.  The number of inspections for each site, is discussed with the site operator at the beginning of the financial year and is based on;

  • Size and type of development
  • Number and complexity of conditions and issues requiring monitoring 
  • Stage of development of the site. (More frequent inspections may be required during site reparation, installation of plant, soil stripping, restoration etc)
  • Past compliance rating of the site

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