Minerals and waste local plan

5. Documentation

The Minerals and Waste Local Development Scheme (LDS) is a statutory document intended to inform the public about the policy documents that are to be produced, their governance arrangements, and the timetable for their production.

The MWLDS 2016-2018 set outs the intention to widen the scope of the previously proposed Replacement Minerals and Waste Local Plan to include the review of the Core Strategy to create a new combined Minerals and Waste Local Plan. 

Minerals and Waste Local Development Scheme (2016-2018)


Statement of community involvement (SCI)

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out how and when the community can be involved in, and consulted on, the preparation of minerals and waste local plans and the determination of 'County Matter' planning applications. It outlines the methods used to consult and involve the wider community, and provides further information about the local planning processes.

After the recent consultation for the revised SCI, the council has formerly adopted the new SCI in January 2015.

Statement of Community Involvement (2015)


Monitoring reports

Monitoring reports are summaries of available information produced especially to monitor the usage of planning policies. This can be useful to help us to identify whether specific policies need to be reviewed. Future Monitoring Reports may be published in segments of key information as and when it is available.

In addition, following the publication of the Government's National Planning Policy Framework we are also required to publish an annual Local Aggregate Assessment. This assessment assists us in planning for an adequate and steady supply of aggregates (sand and gravel) by assessing the supply of, demand for, and potential constraints to aggregate production in Buckinghamshire. 


Local Aggregates Assessment 2019
Local Aggregates Assessment 2018 
Local Aggregates Assessment 2017
Local Aggregates Assessment 2016
Local Aggregates Assessment 2015
Local Aggregate Assessment 2014
Local Aggregate Assessment 2013

Monitoring Report 2018
Monitoring Report 2017-18
Monitoring Report 2016-17
Monitoring Report 2015-16
Monitoring Report 2014-15
Monitoring Report 2013-14
Monitoring Report 2012-13
Monitoring Report 2011-12


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Last updated: 26 August 2020

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