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Aylesbury Garden Town

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Aylesbury was awarded Garden Town status in January 2017, offering a unique chance to ensure that as the town grows, Aylesbury and the surrounding area continues to thrive and be an attractive place to live, work and visit.

Aylesbury Garden TownOur role

The County Council has an important role to play in Aylesbury Garden Town as we are responsible for the maintenance and delivery of existing and new infrastructure across the County through Strategic Planning.

It is important that we work collaboratively and share responsibility with Aylesbury Vale District Council and a wide range of other stakeholders to ensure the delivery of a sustainable and vibrant future for our communities.  

We have formed a partnership and project delivery team for the Garden Town, which is aimed at creating truly desirable communities in a well-planned and sustainable environment that makes residents and visitors proud to be a part of. Garden Town status provides an exciting opportunity for the project delivery team to better plan for the future, whilst helping us to access funding from Central Government to help build and improve Aylesbury’s transport links and infrastructure.


Benefits of being a Garden Town

Achieving garden town status creates a huge amount of potential for Aylesbury Vale and the surrounding area, and is an exciting opportunity to help us deliver a place which can continue to grow in a coordinated way. Since Aylesbury was awarded Garden Town status, the Project Team has been putting the building blocks in place to ensure we make the most out of the opportunity and get it right.

As part of the Garden Town project, there will be various stages for local communities and residents to become involved in shaping the future of Aylesbury. We're still in the early stages of understanding what being a Garden Town means for Aylesbury, however in the near future the Project Team will be asking you to share your views and tell us your own vision for Aylesbury, including the issues and opportunities you would like the Aylesbury Garden Town project to tackle.


Following a bid for more funding, Aylesbury Garden Town has received an extra £270,000 from central government on top of the £540,000 that was awarded when Aylesbury received Garden Town status. We have also bid for further capacity funding, with support from HYAS who are expert consultants, to further support the project.

Project Group and Delivery

A dedicated Garden Town Project Manager supports the Project Team, as well working alongside a project delivery board. The delivery board provides leadership and oversight of the general strategy of the project.

Appointed specialists

The Project Team is currently being supported by HYAS, expert consultants who have strong experience in running similar projects. So far HYAS have reviewed the overall project plan, the governance arrangements, and the stakeholder and engagement strategy.

Started Planning Our Approach and Next Steps

The Project Team has put together a clear project plan identifying key work streams and ensured that the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan has clear guiding principles and commitments to enable the Garden Town to make progress. We will soon be working on a series of Supplementary Planning Documents to support the Local Plan and delivery of Aylesbury Garden Town, focusing on things like putting infrastructure in place, and high quality design principles. Work will also get started on a vision of the future and planning beyond the VALP period of 2033, looking towards 2050.

A dedicated Aylesbury Garden Town website is available which provides the general public with a platform to raise key issues. Additionally the Project Team will be holding a series of engagement events with residents, partners and stakeholders in the coming months to help inform the garden town masterplan and Supplementary Planning Documents.


You can also view information on Aylesbury Garden Town on Aylesbury Vale District Council’s website.

Further questions?

View our page of Aylesbury Garden Town FAQs


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