Oxford to Cambridge Expressway

Where: Oxford - Cambridge via Milton Keynes
When: Anticipated completion is 2030
Summary: The project will aim to create a route linking Oxford and Cambridge via Milton Keynes. 
  • In September 2018 Highways England announced that preferred corridor that has been selected is the central corridor (Corridor B)

Next Steps:
  • Highways England anticipate they will undergo public consultation on a route in autumn 2019
  • It is anticipated that the preferred route will then be announced in autumn 2020
  • Highways England have indicated that construction is expected to begin in 2025
  • Highways England have indicated that the road is expected to open in 2030


The Oxford to Cambridge Expressway is a proposed road link between Oxford and Cambridge, via Milton Keynes. The government believes that the Oxford - Milton Keynes - Cambridge corridor is one of the most significant growth areas in the country.

The proposal aims to establish this route by linking existing roads and building new ones. The case for the ‘corridor’ is analysed in a Strategic Study for the Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford corridor, published by the National Infrastructure Commission in November 2016. 

The Oxford to Cambridge expressway strategic study is one of 6 strategic studies that will inform the development of the second phase of the Government’s Road investment Strategy (RIS 2).


corridor B (central option) had been selected as the preferred corridor for the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway.

The preferred corridor

In September 2018, Highways England announced that corridor B (central option) had been selected as the preferred corridor for the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway. The announcement states that it ‘will run alongside the planned route of East West Rail, so that consumers have a variety of rail and road travel options’.

Please see the written statement to Parliament for the full announcement.



Highways England has already completed pre-project work, focusing on strategy, shaping and prioritisation. They are currently looking at identifying options for the corridor. Highways England anticipates that they will undergo public consultation on route in autumn 2019, before the preferred route is announced in autumn 2020.

Following this, Highways England will begin their ‘development phase’ and will apply for planning permission through the submission of a Development Consent Order (DCO) to the Secretary of State. Subject to planning consent, forecasted construction is set to begin as indicated by Highways England in 2025, before anticipated road opening in 2030.


Communities – designated funds

Highways England have funding available through their Road Investment Strategy to provide social, environmental and economic benefits to communities and businesses alongside the strategic road network. BCC will aim to make the best use of these funds and will be pursuing funding for schemes which will benefit local communities as part of the Expressway project. More information on Highways England’s Designated Funds can be found on the Highways England website.


Further information

Oxford to Cambridge Expressway Strategic Study: Stage 3 Report

National Infrastructure Commission Strategic Study for the Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford corridor

Oxford to Cambridge Expressway Corridor Assessment Report 2018


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