Landscape Character Assessments

1. Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire has a rich and varied landscape, ranging from the Thames and Colne valleys in the south, the chalk hills and valleys of the Chilterns, to the open clay Vale of Aylesbury in the north.

In order to understand the subtleties of the Buckinghamshire landscape, detailed Landscape Character Assessments (LCAs) have been produced jointly by the County Council and Buckinghamshire’s District Councils. LCA describes and records what makes parts of the county distinctive or different, and what is special about them.  

The Buckinghamshire LCA uses a multidisciplinary approach; integrating data from other landscape themes including: geodiversity, biodiversity, archaeology/cultural heritage and tranquillity studies.  

The LCA is used as a tool to help decision making in the planning process; to ensure that change and development is sustainable and does not undermine essential character, local distinctiveness and sense of place. Character assessment is also used to determine what measures can be taken to manage and enhance landscape.

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Last updated: 12 March 2019

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