Mobile CCTV cameras

9/9/2021 2:34:55 PM

Buckinghamshire Council has purchased 3 mobile CCTV cameras which will be used to monitor the traffic caused by HS2 construction as well as the effect it has on our roads over the next few years.

The CCTV cameras will be placed in locations affected by HS2 works where:

  • there are not currently fixed CCTV cameras
  • residents have reported disruption to road users and the community
  • there are concerns about road safety

Find out where the Mobile CCTV cameras are placed.

The CCTV cameras are expected to remain at each site for 4 to 6 weeks. During this time, footage will be reviewed to highlight any issues which will then be discussed with HS2 ltd and their sub-contractors. Using this information we will see what measures can be put in place to reduce safety concerns and minimise disruption to road users and residents. 

The deployment of these cameras will be focused on traffic management and road safety issues relating to HS2 construction traffic. CCTV footage will be sampled and reviewed as required but the cameras will not be used to monitor sites 24/7.

Any queries or concerns regarding the use of CCTV should be sent by email to

You can also propose a location which would benefit from the placement of a mobile CCTV camera using our online form below. Please note that suggestions will only be considered where there is evidence of disruption caused by HS2 construction works. 

Suggest a CCTV camera location

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